Social Media Marketing Strategy.

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I remember sometime last year I wanted to get some of my products sold very fast, I am not really a big fan of social media platforms but I felt showcasing my product was going to help me get customers, I quickly re-opened my almost abandoned Facebook page and I posted some pictures of the items I wanted to sell.

I waited for days and I kept on reposting the pictures with the expectation that I was going to get some positive messages, but instead of getting buyers I only received messages from either scammers or those who wanted an online relationship this got me very angry and I just never used that strategy to advertise my product again, but thinking about it in another direction, there are people who get customers by posting their products on social media platforms which means I must have done something the wrong way (I thought to myself) and this led me to making a research on how to properly advertise products on social media and here is what I found friends.


Ways to Sell Your Products on Social Media.

More than every other person you know your products properly but the people you are trying to market your products to have no idea about what your product can offer, the best and most trending method of showcasing your product to the public is by doing a short demo video that will entail the name and type of your product, what it can do to anyone that purchases it. Your product should certainly solve a problem which should be involved in the demographical representation.

Demographical representation is a famous method used to capture the minds of social media users, I never made use of a demographical representation to display my product and even the phone camera I used was very terrible, this made me conclude when I found out about this strategy that I was not ready to make sales through social media using the bad camera method I used.

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Your topic needs to be attractive: A good picture and an attractive topic is a good way to bring people to view your product, I hope you remember that views eventually result into getting more customers so you need to develop the skill to attract them to read your post.

Give away much information but not too much information: In advertising, never give out too much information, keep some and allow the potential customers message you directly then you will be able to convince them to believe more in the brand and pay more for it also.

Pay attention to details: Every business person has to pay attention to details, especially when working on the internet where there are so many scammers.

You have to gradually grow your brand: Do not expect that you will start a business today and it will bloom, it requires patience and regular consistency, which is another thing I did not do right.

Check the way other successful people are doing it: you should carefully study the pattern of someone who is doing well in the industry and learn from them, ask question about how they survived.

Thanks for reading, I am @oluwatobiloba.

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