The Importance of an Online Presence for your Business, Advise from a Business Expert.

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So while going through some vlogs, I stumbled upon a very successful entrepreneur with the name Gretta Rose Van Riel, she has become a goddess in the skill of market influencing and she has made a name for herself in the production and branding world.

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When I see women who break the records in business, it inspires me to do better things, it makes me feel very proud and I just imagine myself moving through a similar achievement part and of course, sharing my story to inspire others. Let’s talk about Gretta and how she built her business empire starting with only $24 in her account within the space of five years.

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Gretta advices business owners who use the option of influencing not to focus on macro influencers. In the world of product or marketing influencing which is majorly a thing on social media, most business or product owners will like to take their product to celebrities who have massive followership with the hope that it will bring encouraging sales to the business, micro influencers on the other hand, have very little followership base but usually show more connection to the product.

Before learning about this from Gretta, if I had the opportunity to promote my product, I would have taken it to a celebrity with mass followership, these celebrities have different type of followers who are mostly ass-lickers and might not even be able to afford your product, secondly these celebrities will only help you advertise your product for the sake of the money you are able to offer and because they have a long list of other people to advertise their product, they simply share yours and off they go to the next person either you generate the attention you need or not.

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The case of a micro market influencer is however different, a micro influencer seem to be sourcing to build a better reputation with his client and this will make him or her put in every effort to continue showcasing your product until a result is achieved. The micro influencer also has so many genuine followers unlike the macro influencer.

Gretta emphasized on the need for making use of the internet for business promotion, starting her own business at the age of twenty two and having five successful businesses five years later was possible because of the internet, the first time she tried to create a business account, she sold four of her product and it made her belief greatly in the system, she invested more time and energy into taking her products online and building a better brand base for herself.

This has motivated me to build an online presence for my business also, although I have been trying to build one I just need to pay off some business loan and get my business on the right track, when I do I will let you know. Do you have any guide for me to follow? Please let me know through the comment section and make sure you stay safe, I am @oluwatobiloba.

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Mentors who have been successful helps to push one to success also by gaining motivation from them.

With the right focus, leadership, commitment, HARDWORK, and plan surely your online business will be a success.

I am eager to know next about it please keep us updated

Alright, I will try to keep you updated friend. Thanks a lot for the comment.

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