Every Entrepreneur Needs Support

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I know that I and other intelligent writers on this great platform especially on project.hope have written very extensively on the need for entrepreneurs to pursue their goals, on the way to meet investors and other things that entrepreneurs have to do in order to attain success but today, I want to address those who may not chose the entrepreneurial path but have intending entrepreneurs around them.


It is not possible for everyone to become entrepreneurs, and it is good to realize what we want to do early enough in life and choose between becoming an entrepreneur and working under someone else, the problem most young entrepreneurs regularly face is coming from a family where there are no entrepreneurs or a family where someone has failed in the journey of being an entrepreneur.

It is no news that young start-up entrepreneurs need all the support they can get at the beginning of their business and if they fail to get that support, they may eventually break down and lose out on making anything good from their business idea.

Below is the story of one of my friends uncle and he is the motivation behind this post, as the last child of a family that is not too wealthy, he was the one with the most opportunity of obtaining formal education, his brothers and sisters supported him until he acquired his educational certificate. After college, he tried to get a job but every company he visited required that he had some years of experience at an almost frustrated point, he ran to his supportive siblings to loan him some money to start a business but they did not want him to do that, their reason for spending so much on his education was for him to work in some sort of big companies, according to them business was for people who had no educational certificate so they were ready to continue taking care of him until he had a good job.


Broken, he continued his job hunt and after two years he finally gave up on the job search, this time he was more than determined that his business idea was going to yield a good result, the discouragement from his family members was much but he decided to keep the faith in himself up. After twelve months into the business, he started to see beautiful differences which put laughter on his face and despite the fact that his family did not support his business venture he could not ignore them, so he told them about his success.

With time it gradually turned into a family business because as a token of appreciation, he had to employ some of them, he felt he could trust his family so he had no problem with leaving the affairs of the company in their hands. Unfortunately the family members knew close to nothing about business and they eventually ruined the whole business.

The most annoying part of the story is that, rather than accepting they are the cause of the misfortune that has befallen the business, this young man was blamed for everything and according to the family members, if he had listened to their warnings about starting a business he would have not gotten himself entangled in such drama, the failed business was enough to damage his soul but constant nagging from those who had stupidly destroyed what he had worked for was too much for him to bear so he took his own life.

Such a sad way to end a promising life but his story taught me personal lessons and I hope it does to my amazing readers also. Even if you are not a business type, you need to support anyone around you who may love to choose that path.

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I also believe that every new investor or entrepreneur needs help from those who already have a lot of experience in the market, but the truth is that I do not agree with including the family in certain businesses, many times their collaboration as in this case is not very good and leaves much to be desired. The truth is that I think he made a bad decision and that it was partly his fault for not being aware of the things that were happening and not making a decision beforehand!

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