Human Technological Wave in the Nearest Future

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Technological advancement is one thing that we have seen to be on a very fast lane from the inventions such as microscopes, telephones, computers, airplanes, automated vehicles and renewable energy. This things have happened within the space of 2 decades which is a very fast improvement in the history of humans. In all this, it is expected that we will have more technological innovations which will improve our way of life.


Becoming an Inter-planetary Species

With the improvement of technology in the space industry and with the success in reusable rockets and spaceship, it is now cheaper to launch to space. Furthermore, a lot of private companies plan to create colonies on space and the moon which are project that NASA and in support of, it will be possible to live on the Moon and or on Mars.


Trans humanism

The combination of man and machine is one thing that we should expect to see more in the nearest future. It is no news that artificial limbs, neuralink and nanobots are becoming a part of our lives giving humans and machine a good relationship. This relationship is going to improve in the nearest future as humans will be able to think like machines as it will be easy to download data into our brain, control machines without touching them, as well as being able to replace every part of our body which are getting old with bio-organic machines.


Full Artificial Intelligence

Currently, we have AI in almost everything we do but this artificial intelligence isn’t a full one and can’t really do much like think for itself and self-create with the fact that computers are now more intelligent than man. At this point, humans will literarily not be able or willing to do anything as there are AI enabled machine willing to carry out tasks.


Faster Mode of Transportation

With the Loop trains and the use of rockets to travel within countries, it will be easy and faster to move from one location to another. Also, in the future we will be expecting faster and safer means of transport as this has been human’s goal with transportation.


Renewable Energy

Currently, the world rely on fossil fuel for energy but it is becoming more visible to humans that this fossil fuels will be completely used up in a few more years and renewable energy will be needed to keep activities like electricity, and running machines. We could have solar panel in space harnessing energy from the sun directly without atmosphere and distance causing the inability to harness solar energy properly. Also wind and hydro will not be left out of this as cars might run on water, batteries charged with electricity which is harnessed from the sun, as well as industries running on renewable energy.


The future of humans and technology is very bright. We can’t say how fast or how slow this technological advancements are going to take to come into reality but the fact remains that they are possible in the near future.


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