The Impact of Technology (Smart Phones) on a Child’s Brain

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Just like parents, Children are more glued to their mobile phones this days, smart phones have become very affordable so almost every child has a smart phone. Parents are mostly away from home too and need their children to communicate with them and this means the kids get a smart phone. Asides from communication, there are several other functions of a smart phone and kids have very smart brains to discover these functions and use them properly.


Some parents who have time to spare with their kids, always find a way to make them get involved with other activities, but some other parents do not have the luxury of time as most of them have to take up two to three jobs to survive, this means the children will be left alone to make their own decisions and use their smart phones for as long as they want.

The Impact of Smart Phones on a Child’s Brain.

Adults also make use of their smart phones but the difference between how they and their kids get affected is this: The adult has a lot of other responsibilities to handle and so he knows when to turn off the phone and focus on important things but a kid who does not have any responsibility yet apart from going to school, may just spend his entire day on the smart phone either playing games, chatting with friends or just surfing the internet.

Research shows that the time spent on smart phones changes the way children think and perceive things, it makes them more glued to their mobile device that all they want to do is just to spend more time with the device.


Another thing to get concerned about is the content being scanned, the content being scanned determines how much the child’s brain is going to be affected. Some kids are left with a mobile device at a very young age without monitoring, that they begin to go to adult sites but if a child’s activity is monitored, there will be certain restrictions and that will in turn keep the brain of the child in check.

Children who are extremely exposed to smart phones, usually do not ask their parents for anything because they feel they can get all the answers they need from the internet and how is this dangerous? There are so many information on the internet that are not correct, when kids begin to rely on this information rather than depend on what their parents can teach, it usually comes up with a terrible effect.

Correcting the Impact of Mobile Phones on the Child’s Brain.

Parents have to consider creating time for their kids, parents need to direct them on the right time to use their mobile phones and when it is required to stay away from the mobile phone and do other outdoor activities.

Regular communication should not be replaced with surfing the internet, this is a value that needs to be instilled into the kids by Parents.

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It is hard to keep children away from these gadgets. Tough really.

I personally feel a child should not own a smart phone till a certain age. However times are changing. I would probably restrict use to weekend till i am convinced about your maturity..