Your Money is your Value, so Spend it Right

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I only asked for $5000, how did he finish $1 million dollars? Hey, do not mind them, they are just like that. They do not know that every penny collected from you is reducing your money at hand, also you need to know that every penny of yours count, so giving people free money because they came to you with a story isn’t the right to always do in most cases, you might need to confirm charitable giving before doing them and do not give money out unknowingly.


The truth is, everybody wants your money, from the producers, service providers, professionals including doctors and lawyers, even beggars aren’t excluded. Every time, we hope to go out to make more money but at each time, there is a person to take that money off from you. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that spending money is wrong, a lot of people just have to spend a particular amount daily to keep businesses growing, pay staffs, and attend to needs and so on. The goal here is help spend less on irrelevant things, save more and attract more money.

Let’s understand something that in other to earn money or get paid money, time is always a factor. Which means that either you are giving your services, giving your expertise, or any other thing, your time factor is important. It is also good that you understand that you are being rewarded for the value you bring into any organization or space. Nobody will pay you more than you deserve, the more value you bring the more money you get and if you consider this, then you should be able to value every penny of yours.

You are either spending your money or collecting other people’s money. If you are on the first side of the coin, it is advisable that you pay for only things that can give you 20 times more value while if you are on the second side of the coin, it is advisable you produce what people can buy so you can collect their money. As a spender, never spend on thing that are irrelevant or of lower value, consider that every penny is worth your effort and time.

You need to understand how to keep money and not spend it on worthless things rather giving your money to everyone else in the world and not having anything for yourself. You need to understand what is worth spending money on and what isn’t worth spending money on.

In Summary/En resumen

Money is value, in other to increase your money in your wallet then you have to spend money on things worth the value and not things that aren’t. Investing your money is growing your money the right way and increasing the pay for your value.

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When we refuse to caution how we spend, we will be ready to fall in debt

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Today money is more than important, for that reason we should all be educated to save it and not spend it as you say on unnecessary things. Most people cannot have money in their hands because it is money that easily goes away, but I think that with time many realize that they should have saved.