Technological Advantage In Marketing

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For people in business, you will agree with me that marketing has remained one of the crucial and core part of business. Of course, for people to patronize your business, they have to be aware of the products and services you provide. This is why you have to showcase your products and service for your potential customers to know. The processing of showcasing your products and services can be called marketing.

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Before the era of the waves of technological advancement, marketing was primarily done by word-of-mouth and of course this is limited but to the reach and the speed of dissemination. However, in this era where technology has advanced, marketers and business owners can leverage on them to announce their products from the comfort of their devices and get the targeted customers.

Many people are now getting glued to their mobile device. Humorously, people will wake up in the morning and the first thing they will do is to check their social media handles, just to tell you how addicted people are now becoming to social media technology.

A friend of mine once gave me a revelation of how much sales he makes by just posting his business in his WhatsApp status. I for one, have patronized people's businesses by just seeing them on social media; that is the power of marketing through social media.

This has gotten even easier and better because some of the providers of these social media technologies have provided means to boost your business and promote it to wider audience and targeted customers without relying on your followers alone (well, this comes at a token but it will be worth it at the end). As a matter of fact, if your business does not have online presence at this point, then you have already limited your business.

The power of online presence can never be overemphasized. Check this: the largest retail shop in this present time relies principally on online presence without having a single product. The largest taxi service company also operates virtually and does not have their own vehicle. This is just to let you know that there has now been a paradigm shift in business and marketing from offline to online.

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The purpose of marketing has remained to increase sales and maximize profit, and leveraging on technology will make it easier and faster and will create online presence to reach more potential customers. Always remember this: you can turn technology into your ally.

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Without a doubt, media technologies have provided an enormous opportunity for business owners to promote their services and reach a very large audience, in some cases without the need for large investments in marketing campaigns in conventional media, so knowing how to take advantage of them is very important.

The last statement of your comment sums it all. The most important thing is knowing how to leverage on technology for marketing of services.
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Indeed, the technological evolution has made it possible to see the advance in the way of doing marketing. Greetings and thank you for sharing valuable information. Greetings

I'm really glad you found the post worth reading.
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Hello friend, the truth is that today there are many ways to make an advertising, I think that at the digital level we have many options. The business that does not succeed on that side I think that perhaps it is not well advised, because the Internet allows us to reach all parts of the world!

I so much love the last part of this comment. Exactly, the power of the internet has made it possible for every part of the world to be reached from the comfort of their devices. This should be leveraged on for marketing too.

Thanks for the comment friend

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