What do you measure in business: I love Simplicity

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Finally I am back towards what I love best, incase you still trying to picture what I mean, I am referring to writing. I was away due to some certain measures which were bigger than me.

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As usual, what I do this days is engage with friends who have dave goal as mine. When I mean goal, I am referring to those who knows about business or those who have one or two interest about business. Yesterday we were discussing about business only for Mr Franklin, the C.E.O of basic textile. The question he asked took us by surprise, although loved by we all. He asked us that what do we measure in business, different answers keeps flying in. I over heard my friends talking about trust, outspoken and some many things. While all this were being said, I kept mute and was just trying to meditate. The more I tried, the more I loose concentration lol. He asked 10 of my friends all dishing out their different views and finally he got to me and the question was repeated again. I just don't know when I said simplicity.

By simplicity what did I really mean? I mean the act of being straightforward. I have seen different project collapse over time because of no simplicity. Permit me to draw this from two angles. When referring to business, I will draw this from two angle, the workers side and the owners angle. Although, I will say they are more areas it lingers on but these two will be spoken on.


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The workers angle

The workers side can be traced to lack of truthfulness to the boss. When it comes to business and if you love your boss and wants him to succeed, you have to be truthful. I have seen workers who sold the work of his employee out just in the name of making extra money, this act kills business. 90% of workers seems to enjoy shady deals, this is why it is advisable that you trust no one expecially when it comes to business. Your best friend can get you stabbed.



Since this shady deal is in place, simplicity in business has been tempered. Ways on how to tackle it should be looked into. Simplicity has proven to be an essential tool that needs to be looked into. Apart from shady deals, we have those workers that are still trust worthy. When trustworthiness is in place all other thing fall in place. I have seen a business which was treated with all sincerity hit apex height within short period of time. This is the simplicity I am talking about.

The CEO angle

After talking about the worker's, the other person to talk about when it comes to simplicity in business is the owner of the business. They are not too important but they play a major role when it comes to business. Just imagine a owner of a business taking simplicity very serious. I.e he/she is using the business fund wisely, and also treating customers truthfully. Such business with time tends to hit apex because people will love to patronize somebody who is full of trust.

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Permit me to stop here as I will be talking more on simplicity when next I drop a post, Just stay tune.

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Greetings @tfame3865 good point of view, based on trust and financial intelligence, certainly translates into what you call "Simplicity" since, they are two important virtues to strengthen a business.

See you later, have a successful week !

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Hi @tfame3865

The word simplicity is something that we all have to keep in mind, so it is better to be attentive to the details of the business.

My answer to that question would be the numbers because they always speak the truth.