Let's Talk About Entrepreneurship

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Hello there and welcome to my blog.

This post seeks to educate and inform you on the concepts of entrepreneurship and who an entrepreneur really is. As we all know, there is a high gap between the populace and jobs available in the whole world. Thus, there is a need for entrepreneurs as they could help in job creations thereby reducing unemployment rate and poverty in the society.


Truth be told, there are numerous opportunities around us that are yet to be seen and maximized. The problem the world is facing is the inability to recognize opportunities and this is the major cause of poverty. Once we becoming sensitive to the abounding opportunities through which we can make money, poverty will be reached.

Thus, the totality of self-asserting abilities that enables an individual to identify latent and unseen business opportunities together with the capacity to organize needed resources and manpower that will help to profitably take advantage of such opportunities even in the face of calculated risks and uncertainty is what is termed entrepreneurship. It can also be said to be the extraction or creation of value. Simply put, it is the process of creating new businesses.

One crucial and vital attribute of entrepreneurship is the self-assertiveness which stems from self-confidence, optimism and self-reliance. Hence, to be called an entrepreneur or be an entrepreneur, you have to possess these qualities without which you will not succeed in business.

Talking of self-assertiveness or a self-asserting spirit, some of the things that indicates its presence in a person is the push and indeed, restlessness an individual has upon identifying a profitable and viable business opportunity.

Still on the attributes of entrepreneurship, another is the capacity to harness the right quantity, quality and combination of resources that are consistent with profit making under risks and uncertainty. This is very vital in that the will to face challenges and accept responsibility for anticipated and unanticipated consequences of decisions taken is critical to the making of an entrepreneur.

Now, who is an entrepreneur?

As well know, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes and operates a business venture and assumes much of the associated risk. He is also being defined as a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting his own venture, service etc, according to the English Dictionary. In addition to the above, an entrepreneur is a person who carries out the functions of entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is a futuristic person; he doesn't let little beginnings deter him rather he sees it a stepping stone. He has the resilience to accommodate the stresses and reverses in the future. An entrepreneur is a kind of person that carefully weighs out his options before taking a particular decision or level of risk he perceives he can always manage.

Interestingly, although profit making is important and priority for an entrepreneur, he reaches out to achieve more than profits. It is believed that an entrepreneur derives personal satisfaction for being recognized as an achiever and a goal-getter. Also, he prefers challenging situations not because he wants them but owing to the fact that they offer an opportunity to apply skills in dealing with them as well as an opportunity to learn.

On the whole, the entrepreneur is often creative and innovative. This is what helps him to survive in the constantly changing and evolving world. He tends to see profits where others do not.

Like I said earlier in my introduction, there are numerous opportunities that can be maximized. We just have to look a bit deeper to find them. Become an entrepreneur today, start that business no matter how little it looks for with time it will grow into something bigger.

Any question, contribution or comments?

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I like your publication and more where. mentions self-confidence with the search for success

Self-confidence is very necessary

Wow, I can't imagine myself reading this post to the end. This is so detailed, I love all the words you put in here. You just talked about enterpreneuer in the best way even a lane man can understand. This is amazing.

I have talked to some peeps lately about Entrepreneurship and the urgent need to key into it. We can't rely on government all the time, we just have to key in. I love the last part. Nice post.

Truth is, no government can create jobs for everyone

factual read in simple terms.

On the whole, the entrepreneur is often creative and innovative. This is what helps him to survive in the constantly changing and evolving world. He tends to see profits where others do not.

It must be noted that innovation must not be costly. A little addition or deviation from the regular process or addition to a product can constitute innovation.

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Exactly. Innovation does not necessarily mean "all new"