Brave: End of Referral Program

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I knew this was coming sooner or later. They have been battling with spam and fraud. They just made some changes to the program last month and stopped accepting new participants...
and now, it is over.
They are shutting down the referral program... for now?

Sunsetting the referral program and planning for the future




Hopefully, they will come back with a better and improved referral program next year!

On the flip side...

I got a BAT payout today.
9.795 BAT is for viewing the ads. I am not sure about the other 66 BAT... it could be the rewards from referral program? but my creator rewards displays a different number so I have no idea, but I will take it 🤤


happy tears
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Good article, it's a real shame since I have little time using brave and I really like it a lot.

I know a guy who manages IT. He installs Brave on all the laptops he has to restore to factory settings. He has been collecting referral rewards. I guess that's over.

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Hahaha nice. Brave actually counts Brave instances and max is 5 devices. So everything after that is nothing 🤫unless he has multiple uphold accounts 😂

That explains why his rewards dropped the second month.

I always had no doubt that referrals (any of them) is just a BAD thing

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Yeah they got spammed very hard. But why do you think it bad?

Almost total BAT supply is in circulation I think

Ah really? I didn't know

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