Coinbase Zcash Earn ($5)

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I knew Coinbase added free Zcash earn few weeks back.
So I immidiately signed up, but then I got waitlisted... for a long time!
Normally, I get access to Coinbase earn with in a day or two, but this time took me about few weeks 🙄
But finally I got it! Easy free $5.

I never really paid attentions to Zcash (ZEC) before or the lesson videos that they force us to watch in order to earn tokens.
But I kind of like Zcash. I like their concept of the coin and privacy feature that they have... I think it is pretty cool.
I swap coins right after I get free coins from Coinbase usually especially those coins are not stakable... and Zcash is not a staking coin, but I think I HODL on to it for a while.

Oh another thing I noticed this time was, they have video subtitles in different languages. They don't have Japanese unfortunately... but they have Chinese and Korean! wow I didn't know Coinbase was targeting those countries 😆

But anyway, if you like to learn about Zcash, you should definitely check this out.

And if you have access to Coinbase, you should get the Free Zcash ($5)

It seems like coin is doing well since I got it 👇


Free $5 is growing pretty fast 🤩

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This is the first time I have come across this token called Zcash. I will try to pay proper attention to it. My limiting factor is that the country I am can't use Coinbase.

Oh thats sad... sorry coinbase is not available in your country :(

You are welcome

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good article, did you know that coinbase has not selected me to win coins watching videos, since I saw your article I registered but coinbase does not want to give me that option.