DeFi: UNI Now Compounded

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0.png added UNI to their asset.
There was a proposal to support UNI token on and it was passed so UNI support has been implemented on their app so that... 👇

You can earn interest on UNI!

Supply/Borrow APYs are not that great right now, but it seems like they went up a lot in a few days.

Here is the twitter
and more details here

I had UNI sitting in my wallet doing nothing so I supplied my UNI and earning some interest on it.
This is the result after few days...
You can check your interest in the "Vote" page here. (you don't have to setup for voting to earn interest on your asset, but if you like to vote on proposals, you can do it on this page too)
My interest amount is pretty small, but I am already earning some UNI. Hopefully I will be able to earn more in the future. Maybe I will supply more UNI from my farmer.
I am also farming UNI and farming is producing a lot more UNI than this interest, but either way, it is a nice to way to earn some passive income.

Compound interest, you can just click on "Collect" and receive your interest manually, but if you earned enough UNI, I think it was like 0.01 UNI, UNI will be delivered automatically to your wallet, so you don't have to manually collect it and pay gas fees for it. (i wish UNI farm would do the free delivery too, but oh well, not everything can be free i guess)

Supply and borrow UNI is easy

Just go to Dashboard and click on "Uniswap". You can supply and borrow UNI in the pop up window.
You can also withdraw UNI anytime you want. They don't lock up your asset or anything so you are always in control of your own asset.

ETH gas fees seems to be cheaper these days so I was able to supply for cheaper gas.

But still I had to do 2 transactions, one is to approve UNI to be used and another one for the transaction. I think I picked the right time for transaction, it only costed me like $0.66 🤯 🤯 🤯

If the gas fee stays down, I will be able to get back to DeFi space more often!!!
How is your UNI doing? 😉

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I’ve got some earning 1% on Binance as well, but earning Compound is a good shout!

Ohhhh 1% nice 😋
Compound was like 0.002% the other day, but now 0.4% so hoping for 🚀

I looked today and UNI is up at 11-13% so made the switch to compound. Coinbase paid the gas fee for me with the leftovers from the recent earn 😜

OMG I didn't even notice!!!


This is interesting. I got a lot of UNI from 2 airdrops + bought some when they launched. I'm still bullish on the token, but it'd be nice to earn something on it.

Hopefully the APYs get a bit more attractive :)

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Me too. UNI went down little bit but I like UNI and hopefully APY will be 🚀 soon

Hello @tomoyan
I haven't done anything at UNI yet, but seeing that the GAS is much cheaper, I guess that allows for a profit margin.
I think this will continue to grow, as it reaches more cryptographic spaces and simplifies processes, it will allow many more people to join.

Gas is cheaper than before. Hopefully it will go down more 😆

Is that gas photoshoped or what? Is it really that low right now. I mean it's high, but is that low? 😂

I mean it is LOWer than 500 Gwei...
It is still a lot more than what I want to spend on gas but at least I am not paying $100 for a transaction or anything.
I think yesterday was cheaper :)