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I thought everybody is already using Brave browser and earning brave rewards, Basic Attention Token (BAT), but I guess some people still don't know how it works? I got some questions about Brave so here it is. It is very simple.

Brave browser is a privacy focused browser that rewards users for their attention, and it works like any other browser.
Just browse websites and sometimes you get AD notifications like these 👇


Notifications might look different depending on what device you use but if you pay attention while browsing, you will see it. Notification will pop up so click on it and view the ad.
That is it.
You will earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing ads like this 👇
View this reward page in Brave browser -> brave://rewards/

How many ads you will receive and how often and stuff like that depends on the settings and where you live so some people will receive a lot of ads, some peple won't, but that is basically it.
Just use the browser and view some ads for rewards 🙂

Get Rewarded For Browsing! Here 👇

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Hmm for some reason this is still not available in my country the last time I use it. Maybe I should give it a go again. Cheers!

Yes its not available in every country. It wasn't available in Japan last year, but things have changed a lot since then

Found you from Blurt :)
I think BAT has done well maintaining its price well in the bear market. They've done a lot to make browsing net more private and rewarding. The userbase has grown fa outside of the crypto markets. I think Brave had over 6 million DAU last time I checked.

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Thank you @d-zero 🙂 I think many people got interested in crypto because of Brave and BAT rewards.
Brave still needs a log way from other browsers but it has grown so fast this year!

Growth will surely come because Brave is the best browser out there. It's hard to go back to anything after getting used to Brave.

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