New and Improved PoolTogether(V3): Craziness

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Things are getting weirder and weirder everyday and the prizes are getting crazier.
I mean I am **NOT **talking about this prize that comes from their pool interest (over $1300 in DAI)

Since the version upgrade, anybody can contribute to the PoolTogether's prize pool, this happened... 👇

Prize pool address: 0xEBfb47A7ad0FD6e57323C8A42B2E5A6a4F68fc1a

What is happening is that, so many people have donated all kind of stuff to the prize pool.
69 PICKLE $1000
60000 HEX $450
1000 CRV $400
100 SNX $350
1 FARM $100
4 BUILD $75
1 DPI $75

and the list keeps growing, which is A LOT MORE than the original prize (1300 DAI) 🤯🤯🤯
Yes, a winner will take home all the prizes 🎉

I thought the best part of V3 was the "Deposit Rewards", but right now "🏆More Prize Pools!🏆" is winning big time!

The protocol enables the creation of all sorts of new no loss prize pools using different asset types, yield sources, and prize strategies.

I don't think this prize donnation will keep going forever... but this is going to be great for the winner this time!
Still have few days to join the pool.

If you are interested, get your tickets ➡️ HERE.

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