PoolTogether Upgraded to V3

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PoolTogether is a "No Loss" prize game

that everyone has a chance to win prizes without losing your money.
I have been in a pool for over 6 months and I have actually won couple times.

They have upgraded their protocol and went live the other day.

The main changes are...
Bigger prizes

Larger prizes are enabled by the protocol connecting to multiple yield sources and leveraging yield farming.

Current prize is over $1000 and only 150 people are participating right now.

Deposit rewards

Earn rewards for holding tickets! Rewards come in the form of tickets which increase your chances of winning and can be withdrawn for the underlying asset at any time.

It seems like this is kind of like interest on saving account and increase winning chances at the same time.
The old version didn't have this feature so if you don't win, you get nothing, but the new version, if you don't win, you still get rewarded for being in a pool.
And the current holding earning is 44% 😋

Referral rewards

The protocol rewards you for helping it grow! Share your unique referral link and you’ll receive weekly rewards based on the amount of deposits referred!

It looks like this

There is no sign up or anything, just got there ☝️ and connect your wallet and start playing.
It is that simple.

If you want to know more the new version, here 👇

The New PoolTogether 🏆

You can put your money in and take it out anytime and you won't lose your money.
But you could still lose because the the...

If gas fees stay low, you won't lose much, but when it gets expensive, you have to pay a lot of money to move your money.

To use PoolTogether, you need to get tickets. When you get tickets, there is a transaction fee you have to pay. If this is a first time for you, you have to give permission to access your asset. This costs transaction fee too.
So you won't lose from playing the game, but gas fee could eat up all your rewards and more.

If you are using old version...

Your tickets in V2, will stay in the old pool. They won't migrate your tickets to the new version automatially, so if you want to move your tickets to V3, you need to do it manually.
Old version is here
Just withdraw your tickets from there and deposit them to a new site.

Personally, I am still in V2, and thinking about moving to V3 when gas gets chaper :)

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Let me know where you find the APY for staying in the pool.

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