Uphold: Network Fee Finally Came Down

in hive-175254 •  4 months ago 


Last few months, ETH gas fee was so high that I couldn't move my BAT rewards that I received from Brave.
I saw this gas fee this morning 👇

24 gwei for "Fast" transaction is pretty decent... compare to 500 gwei so I checked my Uphold account and 🤯🤯🤯

Network fee is about 3 BAT right now!!!


I am not sure what is going happen in the future, it could go up again or go down more... I don't know but this is the cheapest in the last 3 months so I took it and sent it to my wallet finally.

If you have BAT stuck in your Uphold wallet because of the high gas price, this could be the best time to move your asset? 🤔

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Good article, at one time I stopped using that platform because its high commissions were a steal.

Yeah it’s been too expensive so I couldn’t do anything but this time wasn’t too expensive ☺️

Maybe we're also going to see more BAT from Brave now?

You think so?! I don’t see it but that would nice 😝

It would be nice. I don't know I'm seeing a little bit more ads than usual 🤔🤔🤔

Must be the santa... everything is early this year 🤣

For a second I thought you wrote satan instead of santa and I was like "W T F 😨"

okay okay christmas came early this year 😂

It is about time that the gas fees dropped a bit. Still peaking in the hundreds but much better than it was!

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