Weekly News Update (August 2020 - Week 5)

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Wake up, wake up, wake up! It’s time for another Solairitas Weekly News Update!

This week was a bit slower, but that’s alright considering the past couple have been seriously hopping. This week we sold 11 SOL to current members increasing their stake. Special thanks to @cwow2 who bought 5 and gifted to another member, @wenchebakken who also picked up 5, and @sk1920 who snagged the remaining 1. 💪🥳

Solairibot continues growing and now has 110.339 HP. It will be released for testing soon™️, but for now it continues to trail.

I welcome any who would like to trail The Project, as it benefits all our members and you get to keep all the curation rewards! There’s a quick link down below.

We are still saving HBD for the purpose of submitting a funding proposal to the Hive DAO and are currently at 2.460/10 HBD. The intent is to request for approximately $15 a week for advertising on MSP Waves. However, I have recently seen the amount of work it takes to even make a proposal...that in itself, with the drama added, is making me shy away from this idea completely.

The fifth powerdown of SPORTS and the first powerdown of NEOXAG came through and have been staked to the Project. We are continuing to divest of BILPCOIN and have taken what little HIVE that results from their sale to buy ARCHON. I also bought some more ARCHON and staked to the Project.

Voting power continues to be stable in the nineties for the most part, so the rough tiers will remain as they are. However, the intention is still to raise the lowest tier (25% vote) from 10 SOL to 25. With two 100% upvotes and the addition of new members, VP has begun to slip somewhat. I am monitoring closely and will announce any necessary changes.

There is a new post promotion show taking the place of PYPT. It’s called PostUp and I will be on Thursday on MSP Waves (PAL server on Discord) to promote The Project and try to drum up some sales for free. 😁 You should join us, you might get some nice upvotes too.

Unfortunately, this week the show was canceled again, so we didn’t get a chance, but next week we’ll be there!

Current Status:







HE Balances:




Weekly sales total: 11 SOL

Current HP: 2,699.678 + 4,648.990 (.131 HTU 100%)

Solairibot HP: 110.339 + 1,502.995 (.029 HTU 100%)

Number of token holders: 56

Number of tokens held: 1913 + 9900

Phase: 2/8

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Slowly but surely right? :D

"Every drop counts." said the woman as she pissed into the sea. 😂

Slowly but surely...it's the "surely" part that counts. (Don't call me Shirley 😝)


What haha??? XD

Hey @cwow2, here is a little bit of BEER from @solairitas for you. Enjoy it!

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Decided to hop in to the train.

Would like to hear more about your project's development

Hey @jocieprosza, here is a little bit of BEER from @solairitas for you. Enjoy it!

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Awesome! ☀️ Welcome, so glad you've joined!!!
You now have the Solairitas Badge and are set for 50% upvote from the Project and Solairibot. 😁


What he meant, I guess, it would be nice if you updated us on any developments or progress of reaching goals.

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That's exactly what these weekly news updates are meant for?

Hope the PostUp goes well.

Thanks! Hopefully it happens at all! 😆

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They friggin' canceled it again! 😡

Love your vision, how it has manifested in this project, and that you are leveraging the blockchain and community to make it happen. Keep it going bro!