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Hive support

Great and required initiative by @blocktrades to create this community. Think we have a lot talent and skill throughout the community that is not used to maximize outcome for the Hive blockchain. My skills outlined in the following
I joined Steem back in August 2016 and have been quite active as content creator and curator. So what? Sure some might ask - creating added value is my goal.

My professional background

Based in Germany I am working since over 20 years in the field of Public Relations and Marketing for technology companies. After school I did a three years bank training, followed by studying international economics in Germany and France.

After handling some investment banking jobs at Commerzbank I started a career as PR consultant and established sales and marketing across a global agency in Germany, EMEA and was heading the global sales division later.

Since learning about Steem I became a blockchain addict and was trying to win clients in that area for my company.

Ned Scott never replied but I was able to win the business of Waves Platform and did run their global comms campaign out of Munich covering:

  • US
  • UK
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Netherlands

On Hive most know me for my private addictions especially around music and photography. I created tags such as BeachWednesday, SunThursday, Danceweekend and am also running the music community on Hive (adding links later - currently on mobile).

How I would support Hive

I am not a big shot here, not a whale, no dev but I have a feeling and basic understanding about blockchain and am able to run marketing and PR programs. One of my main feelings always been that we have to educate the masses about this strange blockchain topic by reducing tech talk and present use cases to a wider audience. Happy to help in that space by opening doors to non-crypto media as we need to create awareness outside the crypto space.

Some types of information you may consider including on your resume are: contact info (of course, in simplest case, this can just be your Hive account itself on the post), skillset, experience, preferred collaboration method (strictly for pay, pay rate, or interested in equity partnerships).

You can reach me via Hive @uwelang or on Discord with same name

Regarding preferred collaboration method I want this blockchain to become successful - pay me with Hive or BTC or other stakes. Happy to support also communities and tribes around music (former DJ thing) to drive awareness across related target groups.

More about me from my recent hive introduction below:

You majored in what?!

When I started university I passed a full 30 months vocational training in a bank. I was quite sure this is not what I would like to do for the rest of my life. My dream has been a rather common thing, becoming a Rock Star or a famous football player. Studying Sports was in my mind but my understanding of biology and chemistry was near to nothing. Studying Music as next option did not work out as well as I was not able to play 2 different musical instruments.

It is Your Life - You only have one!

My parents have been keen for me to continue a career as a banker, safe job, well-respected rather than becoming one of these lazy students with long hair that do nothing else as party, drink and nonsense. Banker was too boring – now here on Hive I would probably benefit from that – shame on me!

What direction should I take?

Anyway – usually if you do not know what to do you study (international) economics. My major was listed as undeclared. Everyone told me it was a mistake to tick that box, but I did it anyways. Why? Because I wanted to explore different options at least within the broad field of economy. Learned a lot in Organisation, Controlling, Finance, Marketing and more in an international environment and found my calling in marketing (sales) especially also via work experience I gathered during university time. Strangely grade wise marketing was my worst area so it was very clear to me I could say GoodBye to a Marketing Job.

Don't give up your dreams

Anyway – I finished studies – best grades I had in Controlling, applied for a job and ended up – IN A BANK – not again. It was in the investment space of a major known bank but the job was so booooring – still did not give up and found a job finally in Public Relations – never wrote anything at all before. Still no idea why I got that job as PR consultant – maybe because when I started there communications has not been a major at universities and the company was desperate to find anyone – Me!

The rest is history – I worked for the same company for 18 years and built up our marketing, PR and sales across Europe. Today after some changes I can confirm with confidence (for all you undeclared students out there), your major has little to do with the type of career you can succeed in later.

Skills can be translated, attitude cannot

Unless you’re considering a profession that needs specific education – nowadays in most countries of the world you can choose any major and break into other career fields. Important is motivation, ambition and the drive. Skills can be learned and trained – but it is our attitude that makes the difference.

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Schön zu sehen, dass man sich auch rein menschlich von einem Hive-Post angesprochen fühlt und nicht nur auf 'Hive-Geldmacherei-Basis'. Viele schreiben was ähnliches bis gleiches. Aber dein Post ist liebevoll geschrieben, Großer! 🙂

Don't give up your dreams

Skills can be translated, attitude cannot

Love it!

oh danke, das ist mal einer der nettesten Kommentare hier, den ich jemals erhalten hab :-)


interessante Bewerbung, geht das direkt an Blocktrades international Ltd? Dann gibts da auch direkte Adressen. resteem und viel Erfolg!

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Nee - war ne Reaktion auf diesen Post - schadet nicht wenn viele mal dort ihre skills kundtun :-)

Danke für den Resteem ! ähm - ist es nicht eher ein Re-Hive :-)?

I can endorse your skills, you are really a man on a mission! 😙

Thanks mate, you are nice - and we could join forces based on similar skills :-)

Let's do that more often than!🐝