Hive needs a coordinated Youtube army - Let's build one

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Our newest effort at Hive Cross Culture is filling up lots of communities, including the regional communities, from Indonesia to Russia to Australia, with new users through targeting Youtube comments and coordinated "Thumbs up"-ing.

Hivesters put a lot of effort into twitter and that’s good. The more we get the word out the better. But there are a few problems there, mainly the algorithm and the way we tend to see posts that are all part of our echo chamber. Talking about Hive all day to other Hivesters isn't the best use of our energy.

Of course it's not a waste of time! I mean, look, we got the attention of Vitalik and other crypto influencers. Not bad! I really appreciate the work of people like @nathanmars who put so much energy into increasing our visability at Twitter.

But I think we can truly slaughter over at Youtube and bring countless new users if we can coordinate our efforts and have clear targets. It's just a matter of making good Hive related comments and getting them to show up as the first comment.


I want to try and use our resources at @crossculture and rally support for a Hive Youtube Front to organize these efforts and reward those who are putting in their time to do some effective PR in the comments of Youtube videos. The target will be the comment section of videos with small to medium sized followings.

How it works

Step 1 - Commenting

A Hivester posts a comment on a Youtube video.

  • the comment should be thoughtful, not copied and pasted, but a sincere comment
  • Obviously at the end it invites the user to (and without being too wordy, and focusing on the community aspect more than the monetary gains (they’ll see that there is money to be made when they check it out)
  • The commenter can choose how to word things but should mention that "we have a community for _____" so the people who are led to Hive are likely to join a community.
  • We should target youtubers who are not too famous, but have a following. If they are too big, our comments will be drowned out by other comments. If they are too small, no one will see the comments}
  • At first we choose relatively new videos with 40-100 comments. If we can grow large enough we can target more popular videos.

Step 2 - Drop a link on discord

Hivester who comments drops a link to the video in a discord server. I've made a Youtube focused chatroom in our Cross Culture Discord server. If the effort gets large and coordinated enough we will start a new discord, but for now we will incubate it.

Step 3 - Attack with likes

Users who are part of the Hive Youtube Front will go to each video and like the comment which mentions Hive, bringing it to the top of the comments section.

  • liking the video itself will be nice to bring more attention to a video that has Hive mentioned in the top comment
  • other users replying to the comment with extra information will be optional.

Step 4 - Coordinate

Every week we will have a post that reports our progress, success and failures, names outstanding team mebers, and coordinates a target type of video. We hope to make a target that can help to develop a certain communities, say for example the Indonesia community. If we want to grow the Indonesia community we will target Indonesians who share vlogs about their country, foreigners who share their experience with Indonesian culture, people teaching Indonesian etc.

Step 5 - Recruit Youtube ambassadors and collaborate with various communities

We will be seeking ambassoders from each community to help leave comments and like each other’s comments. Members who make the most effort to help us with outreach, post great comments, gather "likers" and help us to coordinate with specific communities will be rewarded as beneficiaries and get HIVE prizes as well.

We will also reach out to users with influence at the platform and see if we can increase our delegation or come up with other ways to reward those who are putting in the effort.

Step 6 - Welcoming community

If we can gain enough support we will be rewarding and promoting efforts of those who help the new users find communities that fit them and get used to the platform.


Here's the really important part.

We aren't just targetting the content creators at youtube. We are targeting all their viewers. The people who leave comments and the people who read the comments are our main target. We can speak directly to the content creator but our message is there for the audience to see. For each content creator we target, we are actually targeting dozens of their viewers. This is the main point.

That's how I found Steem. A little mention got me really interested, and I didn't even really enjoy the video I was watching. I sure am thankful I watched it though!

We should try to make the comments good enough for the creator to want to comment...Here’s a little test run I did:



How we start:

Our Hive Cross Culture community will serve as a place to incubate this project. The main reason for this is that we are curating and supporting and building a team of ambassadors to different different local communities. We have a bunch of users from Nigeria and Venezuela, and a handful from Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine and others.

Our first target will be regional communities.

We'd like to build a coordinated effort between different countries to help all of these countries increase their community users. I think Cross Culture can mobilize a bunch of different communities to join together for this.

This won't be limited to regional communities though. Hopefully we can build teams on Leo and Natural Medicine and the Gaming community and the music and art communities and the Travel community and a bunch of other communities as well.

I am looking to build a team. Good work will lead to rewards and getting your name out there. If you are interested in this project come join us in the chat

And for any bilingual posts or posts about culture or language, feel free to join us at Hive Cross Culture

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We aren't just targeting the content creators at youtube. We are targeting all their viewers

Important to understand this.

Share it on Twitter and ReHIVEed

Please try to collaborate with 3Speak team

Thanks Nathan! I'd like to talk to you and learn about how you mobilized people at Twitter. I can find you on discord? -@whatamidoing

Yes certainly we can talk on Discord.