Hive Roundup #1: Hive Communities, LEO Investing & The Biggest Problem For Hive.

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This was the first time ever doing something like this, but I feel as if I have a lot to offer when it comes to Hive knowledge. Check the timestamps below to see what I was talking about! Let's get some conversation going! Comment and ask questions below!

1:49 My Steem/Hive journey.
2:58 @naturalmedicine opportunity, token & niche.
10:06 @foodiesbeehive / @foodiesunite community & token.
13:24 POSH initiative on Twitter.
14:21 My Twitter & #HiveChat
15:10 Other 2nd Layer Communities: Palnet, Neo, CCC.
18:30 @leofinance rundown and why I like it.
28:35 Money v Currency (

28:55 @thelogicaldude project - Craigslist alternative? LIST Token.
32:45 Biggest problem for Hive and Crypto.
37:18 @hivehustlers community. Why @nulledgh0st is CRUSHING it.
42:05 Outro and a BIG THANK YOU!

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Thanks for the mention - truly appreciate your support in the community, and haha thanks for the "animal" reference 😂 we are working hard to get things going here and to get the token price up - but I think first and foremost, everyone should know we are not a pump n dump.

The token price won't jump up 908302983% overnight - it's going to take work, the work we're putting in, and with the support and backing of our members, we'll make it happen.

Thanks again mate!

You're welcome bro! Haha, I'm british and that's a compliment haha! As I say mate you're crushing it. Takes a lot to create an ecosystem and a community with a token that's actually half decent! More or less all by yourself too! Exactly, I'm with you there mate! Might even do a regular video just recapping and summarising everything that's going on in the hustlers community. There's a lot going on! A somewhat bitesize video hopefully covering everything so people see the good work we are doing!

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That means a lot. Thank you for the compliment, and keep crushin' it out there!

No worries bro! I had a quick thought cross my mind too. Is it worth getting the hustler discord on chain? Instead of having all of our discussions and hustlers lounge in the discord is it worth having it on chain? Just a thought!

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Thanks for the mention of Hivelist! So to clarify, the LIST token when staked will also give you discounts on the store and the hivelist services. Yes I accept it for only digital download items at the moment, but the main utility is in the staking and discounts. If you want your own store you can pay for the setup and hosting of the site in LIST.

You're welcome! Cool project! Okay sounds awesome, is there a certain amount of staked LIST required to get discounts? Certain tiers of discount? A run down of how to create our own store would be awesome! A video on the way?

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Video is up on, and you can see the tiers at

awesome! Thanks

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