Hive: The Blockchain Of Opportunity

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The ideas on Hive are flowing all over the place. This is creating more opportunities for people to enter and benefit from what is being offered. The pace of additions is really breath-taking meaning we can expect a great deal more to come throughout the rest of the years.

In this video I discuss how ideas such as WHive and DeFi are presenting people on Hive with opportunities for payouts.

Here is an article that was cited in the video.

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Hive: I will like to say that it even beyond opportunity for me as a person. Hive is a life saver. Hive gave me life even when all hope was lost. It brings back memories of smiles and joy. Hive is a living testimony for me. I was 4 years jobless but it gave me life time Investment.

Thanks for this my friend.

Hive has changed my life entirely.


Reblog 👌 and upvoted.

Very powerful message. Hopefully there will be thousands more who can write the same thing in a couple of years.

There is a lot going on that will really help all of us.

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My daily dose of Hopium has been injected!

Seriously though things are gonna get crazy.
It's difficult to even speculate.
Chaos is coming.
Who knows what kind of order we can expect to ascend from that chaos.

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Thanks my friend 😊. Hive gave birth to a baby girl in our family. Trust me.

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