Sorry Tyler: The USD Is Not The Reason Bitcoin Will Moon

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It seems now the reason Bitcoin is going to moon is the weakening of the USD. This stems from the belief that Bitcoin is a commodity just like gold or silver, hence gains in price when the dollar weakens.

In this video I discuss why this is a false narrative and how one basic, yet essential, point is overlooked.

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What I want to talk about today is the shoveling of manure...


Loving that shade.

The value of Bitcoin is the exponential network effect. The Bitcoin network upgrades itself for free and becomes greater than itself every year. The same cannot be said for Gold or other PM.

Yep Bitcoin is an animal of its own nature. There is no way to compare it to other assets, either commodities or other cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has the name that sets it apart from every other crypto and does not operate based upon any of the known financial thoughts.

Like you said, few look at the technology effect.

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