Introduction to Investishare On Hive

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Introduction to Investishare On Hive

Do you trade in crypto or have interest in learning the ropes. Or are you in debt and looking for a fast track to lighten the load?

Kyle Chisamore is the author of the successful book "Get Out of Debt FAST!" and advises to individuals on out to get out of debt, build credit, and grow cryptocurrency portfolios.
We Will Help You Build Your Crypto Portfolio

"I've started trading with as little as $20.29 worth of Bitcoin and now I have over $50,000 in digital assets. Let me show you how you can do the same!"

Not only is Kyle the CEO of Investishare at he also is the creator of a new up and coming currency and blockchain called KARMA
The Future of Charity & Donations.
Investishare has decided to come to HIVE and you will be able to follow them @investishare.

Kyle has been approached by Health & Recovery Community/Tribe to act as the token Account Manager and Financial Adviser as well as help moderate the community/tribe if at all possible with his time being so valuable this would be an added bonus.
He will assist in the distribution process and help build Heart Token the token for the new Health & Recovery Tribe into a safe and stable token.
HEART is a token a new token on the HIVE blockchain and will act as a way to grow funds for the community its members and charities we decide on as a community.
Karma is the same sort of thing only a blockchain on its own outside the HIVE blockchain, both have similar interests and we value each others time and contribution and look forward to working and growing together.

Most recently became aware of the HiveHustlers project and support this 100% well not on delegation however I did delegate some HIVE power to their cause.

We hope you spend some time looking and following all 3 projects, and we will catch you all on the flip side, this is @deuceman signing out for now.

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sadly Zcash is not an option, so I will opt out of the less privacy eccentric investment opportunities and wait for an option that couldn't expose my financial data to 3rd parties.

zk-channels is an exciting innovation and hopefully the business manager at this firm has that on his radar, as it would drastically improve usability and privacy of the cryptocurrency investment opportunity or any service industry business.

This isn't an investment opportunity it's more of a course and daily suggestions by possibly copying his daily trades. You do you own trades.