#HiveHustlers - Delegation Bot Now Paying 1500% MORE Rewards, + $HUSTLERM Miner Bot Updates!

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We wanted to share some important updates regarding both the Delegator Bot, as well as our $HUSTLERM miner token bot. Some changes were just implemented, which we'll be sharing on Hive in a more detailed post, but here's the quick rundown:

HiveHustlers  Delegation Bot Pays More.png

Delegation Bot Update:

Payouts have been increased

Payouts have been DRAMATICALLY increased for those that delegate Hive Power to the community HiveHustlers account.


For every 1xHP Delegated, you'd earn 0.325 $HUSTLER per day.

Meaning if you delegated 100HP, you'd earn 32.5 $HUSTLER tokens a day.


We've bumped this up by a factor of 15x - for every 1HP delegated, you now earn 4.875 $HUSTLER per day. Delegating 100HP now yields 487.5 $HUSTLER tokens per day.

This is a MASSIVE increase in rewards, as they were very low before and thus not as beneficial for members. We're looking at a 1500% increase in delegation rewards now.

Hopefully, this helps members realize that delegating to our account can be an extremely lucrative way to earn more $HUSTLER tokens, in addition to your miners.

$HUSTLERM Miner Token Update:

The way rewards payout have been adjusted

Previously, miner tokens were paying members daily with liquid $HUSTLER tokens. This has, unfortunately, had the negative effect of flooding the market with a large amount of fresh $HUSTLER tokens daily, contributing to the price tanking.

Of course, we are working as fast as possible to launch our projects that aim to provide an immediate use for $HUSTLER tokens, building a payment and exchange ecosystem for them.

Therefore, daily miner token payouts of $HUSTLER will be automatically staked, instead of distributed in a liquid form.

Final Thoughts

We are really looking for more people to delegate HP to the community account so that we have much larger votes to pass out to members that are active. We believe that the Delegation Bot distribution change will have a great impact on this.

Please consider delegating Hive Power to the official @HiveHustlers account - you'll now also earn a LOT more rewards for doing so!

Delegate 100HP
Delegate 250HP
Delegate 500HP
Delegate 1000HP
Delegate 2500HP
Delegate 5000HP
Delegate 10000HP

$HUSTLERM miner tokens - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=HUSTLERM

$HUSTLER tokens - https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=HUSTLER


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Hi @hivehustlers
got to know about it a bit late and delegated 909 HP. Thanks.

Hey @alokkumar121 - thank you so much for the delegation!

If you're not already in the Discord server, please join us here - it's where you'll learn all news and info first before the rest of Hive does!

Discord: https://discord.gg/6bvkta7

Good update for investors. My 100 HP delegation will be increased! Let’s keep pushing to increase token value.

Thank you for delegating!

No problem guys keep innovating!

just delegated 100 HP. Keep up the good work!

Appreciate the support! 😁

Just delegated 250 HP!!!

P.S. How do I get my $HUSTLER? How does it know to pay me 4.875HUSTLER / Day?

Thank you very much!

We have a bot set up that pays out daily after calculating how much HP is delegated to our account and by whom - simply check your Hive-Engine wallet/transaction history and you'll start seeing your payouts as they come in!

  ·  2 months ago Reveal Comment

We are working on an FAQ section for the site/Discord since we get these questions a lot haha.

This is answered in our previous posts as well, however, $HUSTLER will be used on the various sites/utilities that we are building out within the HiveHustlers ecosystem (HiveBit.io, HiveBay, etc).

great job guys re posted for ya

Nice update...
What ia the minimum HP delegation is eligible for payout?
Only HUSTLER will be distributed or Hive also?

There's no minimum delegation amount!

At this time, only $HUSTLER is distributed. There may be plans in the future to adjust this to also include Hive, however.

Nice to see steady progress here. I'll have a delegation coming over tomorrow.

Awesome job. Things like this are what make the blockchain so awesome. Keep up the great work. Love this community!

Delegation to @hivehustlers will eligible for token?
Or we have to delegate to some other account?

Delegation to @HiveHustlers is what will earn you $HUSTLER tokens.

Delegate 100 HP 👍

must I delegate at least 100 HP?

Nope, there's no minimum! The more you delegate, the more you earn, though. 😁

Thank you for the quick response! Are the tokens received daily, or weekly? I'm unsure if I have received any tokens yet.

perhaps I am receiving them, but they are going straight into my staked Hustler tokens? sorry If this is a dumb question lol

Yes, they are immediately staked :)

Awesome!!! Thanks a lot man I am pumped to receive the tokens!! :)

sorry for my ignorance, I should have looked a bit more, it appears I am receiving the tokens, sorry for my stupidity lol

15x! I hope more Hiveans realise the upside of supporting a community that's making great progress. Looking forward to seeing and walking every step of HiveHustlers progress.

Delegate 100 HP

I got my daily payout reward but not get a daily hustler token in hive-engine?

No daily hustler token in my wallet?

We switched to paying out in liquid Hive a few weeks ago - we posted about it as well, you can view the post on our account :)