$HUSTLERM: Introducing the "Hustler Halving", Building a Community-Funded dCity, PLUS, Hustler Tokens + DeFi?

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The community has been a bit quiet lately, as many of us have been grinding away with various projects, work, and other real-life matters. But, we're back now, and we are starting to ramp things up!

Here's an overview of some new developments:

  • Updating our $HUSTLERM miner token distribution rate to account for high burn rates
  • We are starting a community dCity - the city will focus on optimizing for mining purposes. All cards mined will be sold for $HUSTLER tokens (at a discount compared to other token rates), with 50% of proceeds from each sale being burned
  • Gathering feedback about the possibility of "wrapping" $HUSTLER token - aka, wHUSTLER, which could be used to provide liquidity to pools (such as Uniswap.org)

Let's dive right into these developments:


Starting a $HUSTLERM token "halving" timeline


  • In order to balance things, we are now going to introduce a token halving model for $HUSTLERM
  • Currently, 84k $HUSTLER tokens are distributed daily and split between all miners staked proportionally
  • The first "halving" will begin on 9/18/20
  • Halving will reduce the token amount distributed daily by 50% - meaning the new rate will be 42k $HUSTLER/day distributed
  • A full "halving" timeline will be shared in Discord and in a post here, once we complete our analysis and crunch the numbers

The purpose of doing this is simple: by slowing our distribution rate, we introduce some scarcity - this should help drive the price up (when combined with our new use cases).

Our focus now will be mainly towards creating further use cases and building up income streams that will help the community grow over time. We also intend to continue burning at a high rate, as things even out. All of this should help $HUSTLER grow, both in transaction volume and price.


Building a Community dCity - A Way to Buy Cards from us with $HUSTLER tokens!


We've decided that we want to start growing a dCity on the community Hive account @hivehustlers. There are a few reasons we think this would be a great idea:

  • Growth: A way to grow the community through building passive income
  • Enhances use-case: adding cards to the market that can be purchased with $HUSTLER tokens
  • Mining: Allows the account to "mine" cards daily, which builds up income
  • Increased Burn: 50% of ALL $HUSTLER tokens from sales will be burnt immediately

This should help $HUSTLER tokens grow in price

We will also be creating a new badge & develop some "perks" for community members that contribute cards/resources to build our city - we can discuss ideas in the comments below, and in Discord.

Please send any donations (cards, SIM, hive tokens) to @hivehustlers - you'd be helping the community grow and push us towards our objectives faster!


Wrapped $HUSTLER: A dive into DeFi?

We spent some time talking to @fbslo, the developer that created wrapped Hive (wHIVE) and more recently, wrapped LEO (wLEO).

The ability for the HiveHustlers community to wrap HUSTLER tokens is now here - for a small fee.

This allows us to take our $HUSTLER tokens, wrap them, and then provide liquidity to pools (like Uniswap.io) - we'd be able to participate in the DeFi craze that's taken the crypto world by storm over the past few months.

If we want to make this happen, we have a lot of work to do - we have to work together to drive the price of $HUSTLER tokens upwards, increase use cases, continue burning tokens at a steady pace, etc.

We'd love to hear feedback from everyone regarding this - your voice matters. Drop a comment with your feedback!


There is so much more great content in our HiveHustlers community!

We would like to take just a second to remind everyone that posting to the #hivehustlers tag and especially the Community page should be reserved for content related to business, entrepreneurship, incubation, startups, etc. We're making connections with much larger curation groups in an effort to reward those who deserve it, and we would like people interested in our niche to be able to readily find the content they're looking for.


Come join the hustle!

Our community is growing by the day, and we invite you to join us as well! If you're an entrepreneur yourself, our community is all about mutual leverage of knowledge to help everyone propel their businesses to succeed in an ever-changing world. If you're just a fan of the ecosystem and want to watch and support new HIVE projects as they spring to life before your eyes, this will be the place to be! Join our discord and come chat with us!


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, share it to spread awareness of our humble community, and the amazing people who make it all possible!
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I'll have a look at my dcity tomorrow and see what I can do to help out.

As for wrapping, I think it should be on the horizon, but down the track a bit. Focus on building usecase and community first. I think LEO is alot further down the path and better able to at this stage. Maybe a goal for 6 months from now.

Keep up the great work,


That’s very cool that you’re going into a wHustler and a halving coming soon! I’d like to see wHustler also try to wrap on other chains like TRON where it’s a bit cheaper to farm which I am doing now! Exposing the hustle to more users!

I think it would also be wise to encourage the community to supply liquidity on both Uni and dswap to get things going and lock up more tokens

Great ideas. Dealing with dCity seems like a very good idea. Use of the HUSTLER tokens to buy/sell dCity cards may generate the use case within the platform. What's the process like?

You can already buy/sell cards with $HUSTLER tokens by using the beta version of NFTM.art -


You'll see the options for a few other community tokens as well :)

That is a great looking website. Looking forward to the dCity connection.

@rishi556 and his team built it! We have been using that site only for all of our City cards lately.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You can also buy/sell cards using the normal interface of https://dcity.io (just type in the token name, ie. HUSTLER, and it will work). FYI

Got you. I never realized that you can use HUSTLER. Learning new things every day 😇
Thanks for the info.

Your welcome. That's why this community is so damn powerful. I have been learning also like that since I got in.

Sounds good 😎. The community dCity certainly caught my eye.

We are starting a community dCity - the city will focus on optimizing for mining purposes.

When you say that your goal is mine cards to sell, what do you mean? Is this just turning immigrants into workers and the like?

When you have a research center, you have a chance to "mine" technology cards daily - some of these cards are worth a LOT of money (miner operation cards, etc).

So anything mined could then be sold - in addition to all the daily rewards earned, etc

Interesting to read this update. Indeed, there is a huge future for $HUSTLER token. wHUSTLER is a great move especially as we see the success around LEO. The cheaper the token, the better to join. Looking out for further news in this regard.

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Nice idea,How you are going to fund the initial Dcity.

There are a few ideas in the pipeline -

  1. Raffles
  2. Small portion of each powerdown cycle that occurs weekly could be pushed towards the city
  3. Donations
  4. Weekly post dedicated to DCity, with a 100% liquid payout, which would then be used completely to grow the city.

I'm sure we could come up with plenty of other ideas, these are just a few off the top of my head :)

Seems good, like the idea of making a dcity to help with the burn. its nice for a passive income.

Great to see you working hard to promote the token and have seen it used on dCity in the market!

I just today have joined in on the community by buying 100 miners, which I missed the snapshot of the 15th for the start of the month, but I wanted to have some miners staked and going anyway!