@hivelist x @hivehustlers collaboration!

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@hivelist is aiming to be a Craigslist alternative on the Hive blockchain. Currently, you can buy clothes and other items with your HIVE at hivelist.io
This is a great project by @thelogicaldude ! Being able to spend your crypto is the biggest goal that we need to overcome in the crypto communited and both Logical and @nulledgh0st are working towards that!


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Thanks for the video! It is an ever growing and changing project, haha. We hope to bribing use case and value to all this stuff and inspire people to be their own business as well!

Sounds great! No worries! What would be a real trick is if you allowed everyone to sell their products on Hivelist and in order to post an item you need to pay say 100 LIST! We need a place to spend our HIVE and perhaps Hivelist is that place!

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People can list their stuff on the Hivelist classifieds for free. The store is just a store, not a marketplace kind of setup. I couldn't get that functionality to work right with the payment plugins. Plus there is an Hivebay project that is being worked on. I have thought about letting people list items, but that would be too much manual work on my end that I am not really interested in doing or keeping up with. If you have products or services to sell, I have a really cheap service that will build you a store of your own to put whatever you want up for sale. I want to encourage people to set up their own business, not just throw stuff up on a marketplace.

Sounds awesome. There's definately a huge potential with regard to people setting up their own stores and accepting Hive! If you can get that service to build people's own stores easy to use then I think we are on to something!

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It's going to be a situation that I host the store on my servers and create the base framework and add all the needed plugins. You are then responsible for the content. It is all set up through Wordpress, which is pretty easy to work with.

you know what mate, I had a thought cross my mind today and thought I'd share it with you! What if you made hivelist like an amazon? Instead of people having their own store, Hivelist is just a one stop shop for everthing. People can just add their own products to the site and then include drop shipping ect. Just the amazon business model I suppose! What do you think?

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The platform I am using doesn’t work that way. Trust me it’s something I have thought about and nothing that I want to do. Too much work for not enough in return. @nulledgh0st is working on a project called Hivebay that will be something like a multivendor market place.

Nice. I'm definately gonna keep my eyes posted on your work. Just a thought, perhaps implement a Hive delegation system where we can delegate Hive to Hivelist and be paid out with $LIST? @nulledgh0st is doing that with Hustler and it's a great way to support the project and get a nice return! I'll check out Hivebay now!

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Yep, this is something being worked on that we are calling @HiveBay - essentially, a hybrid between eBay (auctions/fixed price sales) + Amazon (fulfillment/dropship option for SOME items) - all within the Hive ecosystem.

Our $HUSTLER community token (@HiveHustlers) will be the main fee/operation token, and payment methods for products will be Hive/HBD/some other Hive-Engine tokens.

NICE! Sounds awesome! I'm paying close attention to your work Nulled but there's so much going on I seem to miss somethings! I'm a fan of $HUSTLER. I have an account with a large delegation to it and have some $HUSTLERM too. Quick question, what is the $HUSTLER payout for a $HUSTLERM token? Thanks!

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