My new Debit Card Came! That metal card is sooooo 🔥🔥🔥

in hive-183630 •  2 months ago 

2% back on everything in crypto? Yes pls!

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Looks pretty sweet, mate. Honestly, I'm hoping to try out a card that's not plastic, just to hear that solid "clang" as I drop it by the cashier! How's this feel compared to an Apple Card, since that metal too, I think.

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Congrats to your card, great with more options to spend crypto everywhere.

Which service is that from?

That's really cool, where are can you use this card?

Anywhere in the world! It's just a normal Visa card - with the benefit of letting you transfer crypto to use as cash ;)

What a slick card that's looking ! Might give American Express competition at some point lol.