Dad, Are You a Psychic?

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I had an interesting thing happened a couple of days ago... I was working on my computer, and my 14 yo son came back from the beach and asked me literally from the door: "How did you know last year that there will be a crisis in 2020?"

Woah! I just got surprised by this question, and believe me, I didn't know how to respond to it for some time... lol... I don't know what surprised me more, the maturity of my 14 yo son, or the thing that I have no clue why did I say that last year... hahaha

Anyways, I needed some time to think deeper about why I said that... And after an hour or two, I had something... :)

Oh, yes... I have to disappoint you guys... I'm not a psychic... :) I like to observe things, think about them, check some facts, and sometimes, place myself in someone else position... When I mix all that, I've got my own opinion about the certain thing, event, or maybe a "destination" of something... Like in this example, the economic situation...

Also, it helps a lot when you find some really intelligent people who talk about the current situation... And no, I don't think on people that you see on a TV, or on a Tik-Tok... lol... :)

It's kind of vlogging video, but maybe you will find some interesting stuff for yourself... Take a look... ;)

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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Pretty interesting :) hopefully, things would be normal and people would be enjoying life like before.

Yes, I hope that that will happen, eventually... We just have to reach that point, and the road becomes to be bumpy...

Thanks for your comment!

It's crazy how our intuition can kick in even before anything happens. Apparently, you saw the writing on the wall before the whole pandemic started. I can imagine, in hindsight, that was kind of mind blowing for you.

I am praying our world will start healing. All the old energy & foundations are falling away as the new is coming in. It's a rough road in the middle of it but I do believe the world's energy vibration will rise ultimately. Breaking out of the matrix is a messy process but the sooner we all do, the better it will be.

Thank you for your thoughts, Zoltan. I am honored to know you & for your friendship. :)

Breaking out of the matrix is a messy process but the sooner we all do, the better it will be.

This is true... The only problem is that the process can last longer for some people, and we need as many people as possible to get awake and realize the real threat that is hanging over our heads...

Thanks for your kind words and support... ;)

Pandemic is just a catalyst. few of the economies were really troubled and they got scapegoat in corona.

Totally agree with that... The virus thing was a perfect excuse for incompetent politicians and economists out there... I know that they are robbing us at this very moment, but I have hopes that enough people will realize that and start some kind of change...

Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it...

When I mix all that, I've got my own opinion...

I believe that sums it up very well. The key to understanding the world is to make your own analysis out of different sources and not build your opinon upon one thing that we picked up in one place.

huh... you nailed it... It's the same everywhere... that corny saying that I have already used today: "Don't put all eggs in the same basket" can be used here to... It's not enough to hear something from 1 person or 1 source... that's not investigation... That's repeating others' stories...

Thanks for the comment... ;)

Now we have more information than ever. When we make a decision or forecast something, it is more accurate. We are more connected with people, no matter which part of the world we live in. If something does not have a strong foundation and it's just a bubble, it will collapse sooner or later.

Indeed we have a lot more information than ever, but that can be another trap where we can fall... You have to filter this information, drop the garbage, and focus on the real info... I have done a continuation on this video, and will probably publish it today... And I have talked right about this problem...

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, when you have a lot of information, filtering that and getting the right information is the next thing. Looking forward to watching your next video!

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