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In this video I have decided to share with you some of my experience in running 2 websites two decades ago... Yes, it was a long time ago, but some of the lessons that I have learned were very valuable for my future ventures...

As a teenager, I was all into super-cars, racing and stuff (as probably every boy at that time... lol...), and wallpapers were very popular at that time, so I have created a website in that niche... Google Adsense was just starting in those days, so clicks on ads were just crazy... You could see click around 50c almost regularly...

And, you have OTHER options to monetize your website traffic at those moments! Which is hard to believe today... And the reason why it is like that now was happening in those years... Google was buying all that worth something and the empire was getting bigger and bigger... I remember when they took over YouTube, and all the other companies couldn't keep that pace...

Google Adsense took over the majority of the industry, and of course, publisher earning went down the cliff, while advertisers' costs went up... Oh, yes... There are still adults that believe in Santa Claus and the 60%-40% publisher earnings split... lol...

Long story short, whatever I have done, it didn't change anything... + my niche was half-dying, so long story short... that website was doomed :)

My second project was more interesting from many different views... It was a website about Formula 1, and later on, I have added MotoGP and WRC (World Rallye Championship)... It was in my local language, it had news, photos, videos, history data, and forum... Of course, the most valuable thing was the community that was built around the website... Some great people have come and I have made some great friends there...

What was the problem with that one? Check out in the video... :)

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Really liked the message in this pst

The long term is always worth investing in

Both Niches were definitely winners , the wallpaper one had its moment in time,

The motor sport one would have been a lot of maintenance work but like you said , you never know when things will really ake off,.
I have had a few websites that I have kept ticking over in the background, because you never know :)

I also have quite a few domain names registered from business ideas, I keep them just in case :)

You don't know what is around the corner, and you could keep going for ages before things come to fruition,
Crypto has certainly shown us that

I have developed a lot of website for a number of businesses, one was for a friend of mine that is actually a multi millionaire
He had a Real Estate business which I use to do, and he also had a buy and sell site, this is in the late 80's
One site idea he had at the time was a Russian bride site, he had all the contacts etc but I was a bit stubborn and didn't see the sense in it,
had i actually created the site for him, only 5 years later it actually became a big thing,.

Someyimes we have to be driven by sense though, not all open doors are for us, sometimes we have to walk past them.
And some times, if only
however never regrets because like you said, big lessons learnt which allow good forward direction.

Yeah, I agree... All is a big learning process...

One more thing... I clearly remember that in those moments I had in my head thought that "I'm here TOO EARLY...", and exactly that was something that I have talked about in the previous vlog... When we, start something BEFORE anyone else, and we have to push through all the obstacles on your way... It happened to many people through the history... Maybe I didn't succeed in accomplishing that, but I'm quite sure that I have paved the path for someone else that came behind me... and I'm fine with that...

Thanks for an awesome comment... It's always the pleasure of discussing with you and others!

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.

I started with a website based on investing and my main sources of revenue was Google adsense and I also mangageed to sell some backlinks. As you said, at the beginning it was really interesting to work with Adsense because the clicks were worth something. Since I was writing about investment funds, shares, bonds and such things and it was in Switzerland, I sometimes got several USD per click!

However once I had written about the things I knew, I stopped to add new articles and the traffic gradually diminuished.

I believe that it's great to persevere when you have an idea and try to develop it further and not give up. On the other hand I also saw that it can happen that a certain business model is simply not working anymore. For example with my faucet business: When the percentage of users on my faucets was increasingly composed of bots, there was simply no way that I could continue with it. In such cases it's also important to accept the fact and try something new.

Those were the days... I remember also a couple of dollar clicks... :) And I could just imagine how that looked on a business website in Switzerland... lol... "Average click price - $6.34" 😜

On the other side, you are right about letting go... If something doesn't work, it's better to let it go and focus on other things... We are living in times when it's just impossible to do something for your lifetime...

Switching projects and jobs every couple of years... At least, it's like that for me... And I really don't complain... Every new project is a challenge for me, and I enjoy the process of developing idea and growing it :)

Switching projects and jobs every couple of years... At least, it's like that for me... And I really don't complain... Every new project is a challenge for me, and I enjoy the process of developing idea and growing it :)

I think it's always good to try to continue learning and changing jobs or projects is the best way to kind of force it on us.

When you were talking about the second website that runs 2 or 3 years. Then you let it go. While you were saying that, I was thinking I've been here on steem, then Hive for 2 or 3 years. I don't say I did well back then but if I gave up, I would not be here.

I learned something from this video. Thanks a lot for sharing this, my friend @ph1102!

Well, those were my personal websites, that I have mentioned... But, yes, you can compare it with STEEM and Hive... There are a lot of people that have started building long time ago and quit...

I know that Hive price isn't that GREAT at the moment, but if you were building and accumulating tokens for more than 2-3 years, you will be at least ORCA at the moment, if not even whale...

It is hard to be focused and consistent for such a long time, but there are examples here on the chain that did that...

Financial issues caused your business not to take off.
Being first is both challenge and advantage because you have to pave the way for every challenge you face but if you succeed then you will definitely get a advantage of being first.

Exactly... Being first is like a gift and a curse in the same time... :)

Thanks for your time and comment! Appreciate it!

Wow there is definitely a learning curve (and lessons) with working your business endeavors (even personal ones!). Sometimes, those obstacles definitely throw us for a loop. It teaches some to #pushon & keep going, despite those odds. Unfortunately, some give up too quickly & that is the only way you can "fail" imho.

I recall several years when I did admin work for someone's 2 text ad exchanges. I really enjoyed the clerical type of work (because I can be a nerd like that). However, things went to the wayside after awhile. She became unreachable & if I had questions, she was nowhere to be found. She had also said she was going to pay me (not a huge amount but something) and give me text ad credits. She gave me the credits but the money never showed up. Finally, I had to cut my losses & tell her I was done with that "job" because she wasn't even working with me at all. It was kind of sad because I hate having to leave someone in a lurch. However, I had to give myself permission to protect my energy & let go of what no longer was serving me anymore. It was definitely a learning experience because now I know to reach an agreement BEFORE jumping in to help lol.

I enjoyed hearing your past experiences & glad you were able to gain some insight from them. We all make mistakes but as long as we DO learn from them, they are never in vain. ;)

Thanks for sharing with us & being authentic as well ;) 💕

As you said in your yesterday vlog, we have to let it go sometimes... It's not just when we are speaking about people, but also in the business...

It was hard for me to do that with the second one (motorsport website), as it was my passion and I met some great people on the journey, but it was the right decision at that moment... Maybe it would be better later, but that's just "maybe"... I have a responsibility toward other people involved and made a decision...

As I said in my comment on Russell's post, some of the people involved are now well reputable people in that sphere... One of them is commenting Formula 1 races on national TV and has had its own motorsport magazine, other is commenting MotoGP races on of the private TV stations... Another girl is working on a national radio station, and another girl was writing for a reputable sports magazine...

...and everything started from one website and forum, and 2 great live meetups that we had...

and for the end... If I didn't let that go, I wouldn't be here... and that would be even bigger loss... (or luck for someone... 🤣) But, experience in building a community was a great lesson that I have learned...

Thanks for an awesome comment, Jenn... Appreciate it!

and for the end... If I didn't let that go, I wouldn't be here... and that would be even bigger loss... (or luck for someone... 🤣) But, experience in building a community was a great lesson that I have learned...

YES that is so true. Building in a community in those days helped fuel you along to the path that eventually led you here! You already had that under your belt as far as working with a team & communication.

And fwiw, our community is much better with you in it 😉