Live on Twitter - AMA with @Nathanmars

in hive-183630 •  2 months ago 

My first live session on Twitter with @nathanmars.


Twitter has been a great way to promote Hive, and when I had my first interaction with Nathan, I could not missed out the opportunity to speak up my mind about Hive and my journey so far.

The interaction went well and concluded after 30 min. Here is a quick link to know about complete conversation.

Such interaction does help us to put more suggestion and clear all doubts about hive blockchain. Feeling quite refreshed to have a conversation after long.

Let us know in case there would be any question or suggestion to make hive a better place.


Namaste @steemflow

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My crypto journey also started on Steem and expanded onto hive

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And hopefully with hive....converting steem to btc is the only way to own some chunks...

Thank you so much for your time today bro.

I'm looking forward to continuing our conversations regarding your WhatsApp idea.

I am almost done..soon will share you....its always pleasure to have conversation like this...that may help to remove many doubts and also allow to open up

Twitter is definitely a great place to promote hive and increase visibility.