E-Mail Marketing on the Blockchain

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Blockchain for E-Mail marketing

Campaign.Plus will use block chain technology for its email marketing software of the same name. It is to make a forgery-proof Double-Opt-in procedure (DOI) possible.

The DOI procedure is intended to ensure that only explicitly approved recipients receive newsletters and other promotional content. In doing so, companies that advertise by e-mail also document which e-mail address was added to the distribution list and when. According to Campaign.Plus, however, this is ultimately not enough to be on the safe side.

There is always the risk that a recipient will deny ever having subscribed to a newsletter, for example. The argument here is that theoretically the sender could have simply falsified the documentation of the entries in the e-mail distribution list. Without the consent of the recipient, the mailing would be illegal, which could have serious consequences for the sender.

Secure thanks to Blockchain

Campaign.Plus now wants to eliminate this legal risk with a DOI block chain ("Doichain"). The procedure is quite uncomplicated: After an interested party has agreed to receive advertising, for example via a web form, his or her e-mail address is sent to a DApp at the mail server operator. It takes over the single opt-in entry (SOI) in the doichain.

Afterwards an e-mail with a verification link is sent to the interested party. As soon as he clicks on the link, the DApp confirms the SOI entry in the block chain with a signature - the single-opt-in thereby becomes a double-opt-in. According to Campaign.Plus, the documentation of this process and thus the declaration of consent is thus documented in a way that is legally secure and forgery-proof.

The doichain procedure is not only intended to provide more security in e-mail marketing, but also to reduce the volume of spam and improve the reputation of e-mail senders. The system is explained in detail in a detailed white paper.

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