Latest Content Marketing business project (Deutsch / English)

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From my professional life outside the blockchain

When I am not here talking about music, playing Splinterlands or Risingstar I usually do sales, marketing and PR - one of the current projects that has just been published is a report on content marketing focusing on how to develop stories for brands - can be products and communities as well. An approach that works in real life. Unfortunately the book is in German language only. @quiltyparties - if you are interested i can run the entire PR piece through a translator lol.

Content Marketing und Markenstory

Etwas aus meinem beruflichen Alltag - langweilig :-)? Ich hoffe doch lesenswert für alle, die sich mit #Contentmarketing und #Story beschäftigen! Im ersten Kapitel des neuen Reports Contentmarketing der W&V erläutern wir, wie man eine #Markenstory findet und nutzen kann.

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