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in hive •  3 months ago 

Do not invest the websites below are confirmed scam's

The last and complet crypto blacklist here

Maj 01/11/2020

🚨 Daily new confirmed scam's 🚨

ml-capital .fr
Bitcoin-guards .com
bitawo .com
tradingcenter .ltd
Bitmaxcoins .com
vaysor .com
Sgex .us
cloudfaucet .io
klimek-consultings .com
Avatrade247 .com
Cointex .io
tronfi .io (yes.)

Thanks you for your attention !

Twitter : https://twitter.com/list_scamcrypto

Have a good day everybody :D

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Appreciate you putting together this list. A little more information about why these projects are scams would be nice.

Either a description of their unethical behavior or possibly a link to an article exposing the deceptions would be a nice addition to your posts.

Thank you for sharing your post on LEO Finance.

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Thank you for your comment. The scams listed have all been categorized with evidence of scam.

There are those who do not pay, those who copy other websites, and those who have a false plan. The listed websites have been studied, I group the lists available on the internet with my own investigation before publishing the daily scam report. The websites listed are generally easily spotted "visible" scams

Thank you for the clarification.

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