Orca Status Secured

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I've gone ahead and liquidated all my assets on Binance once again and dumped them into this network. I now have 48k coins powered up. This will make it quite easy to get to Orca even if it's just from blogging rewards over time.

I've taken a pretty big loss here

Sold 10k coins at 2400 sats and basically bought a bunch more at 3600. When it really comes down to it though, I want to be able to say I'm an Orca, and I can't do that if Hive starts spiking out of control again.

If Hive happens to crash further I'm going to keep adding more, but if Hive starts spiking up I'd of felt like an idiot not adding on more at this level.


There's also the matter of our witness node. I need to be showing as much support as I possibly cant right now to justify our ascension of the ranks.

Feels good.

No matter what happens, Hive going up or down, I now finally feel like I'm in a good place and can maneuver around no matter the price action in the near future.

93,891,596 VESTS (only 4.1% more to go)


There's also that pesky matter of $3000 still being locked on a platform that I 100% do not trust or support.


I also have over 400 HBD just sitting in my account. I should probably throw it on Bittrex and add liquidity to the market just in case it spikes again and I get free money. I suppose I could do the same for the internal market, or just hold it in case the value of Hive keeps dipping.


Hive goes up, value goes up.
Hive goes down, I buy more.
Behold my $1.57 upvote.

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At least you got a big vote. I'm going for a goal to earn everything by myself and not paying any of my money. I got to 165$ in 2 years which is okay for me.

Sorry about the loss.

There's also that pesky matter of $3000 still being locked on a platform that I 100% do not trust or support.

Powering down while hoping that JS doesn’t suddenly get even more psychotic is an uncomfortable feeling. I’m actually going to go through two powerdown cycles — the main one currently and then a smaller one later because I foolishly didn’t pull all my delegations in one fell swoop.

It’s weird that Steemit has not yet made me an Unperson. I’ve been ripping into @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 regularly but, oddly, they’ve not yet frozen my account.

I've already earned more than 1000 SP during the powerdown period just from blogging rewards. Not sure if I'm going to continue the powerdown or just let it ride.

I’d made a few hundred SP while powering down but that’s pretty much dried up now that Steemit is heavily downvoting me. Meh, there’s something to be said for burning bridges.

Oh man you're getting downvotes?
Why can't I get any downvotes lol I talk so much shit.

Probably don't talk enough shit about the "right" people.

fair enough



Congrats on the powerup.

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Again, I really appreciate your honesty in your trading highs and lows. It's actually quite refreshing. Great to see you starting up a witness with your new team and always good to see some big powerups, I think @abh12345 also recently attained orca level. Respect.

Welcome back to orca status bud.

Hey, I don't know if I did the right thing also but I've sold ~6.5K hive at 4300 Sats and about 1000 at 4900.

A little bit lower and I might be able to buy back and power up again ~35% more. I rarely trade and when I do it's usually a catastrophe but this one might go well.

if we look at all the power downs and the massive amount of liquid coins we might all get a nice buy discount soon.

I keep forgetting to vote for your witness, thanks for the reminder 😂

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Congratulations. Hive to the Moon ! 🚀🧨🎇

Also averaging down pretty nicely too we all know the potential of Hive !

Great move @edicted.

It is a fabulous place to be. No matter which way the tokens goes, you win. It goes down, you add and average down.

It really is a great place to be in.

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nice man ! I will make another Hive purchase soon too. Maybe not to Orca status but I think a substantial amount.

Congratulations on taking a big loss to gain Orca staus :P


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I don't think he thought it was funny😎

Cool stuff. We need more orcas to spread the reqwards. I hope to get there some day.


I think I have about half of the steem I had powered down now. I started powering down before the Hive blockchain started. I was pretty much done with steem at that point. Once hive started, I started converting my steem to hive. I just sent another 240 some odd steem over to Rudex today to exchange for BTS. I send that to Blocktrades and swap for hive. So far, I haven't been real picky about the exchange rate. I'm sure that I could be getting a slightly better deal here and there, but I'm just not worried about the actual exchange rate right now, I'd rather get it exchanged and be done with it.

Your vote has a certain girth to it 😉

Congrats on the almost orca status! Impressive feat 🙂

Great, I am also waiting for Hive to go down a bit more to add some coins to it.

Welcome to the club @edicted 🎉🎉🎉

I will rebuy more HIVE below 2k satoshi again 🙃