Getting back my lost space at Hive.

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It's been more than week, that I am trying to find my rhythm back and trying to put my foot back on track on Hive. I remember, once I used to make multiple post in a day through different dapps. Here on Hive I still need to figure out few things before, I get my confidence.

I already made my first move towards a full time Hiver , one week ago when I concluded on calling it a day at Steem and did my power down. Today, I received my first instalment of 501 Steem.


This is the first time,in more than 2 years that I powered down on Steem. Better late than never, Looking at booming Hive, it's better to call it a day. Hope I made the right decision and a good move ahead on Hive Path.


Lately, I was absent from any of two Blockchain (Steem/Hive), due to personal issue. I was not here when Hive forked, causing me a great loss. Most importantly the support that I was getting previously. Now I again try to create a repo to get back what I lost. I know, if I remain regular on this platform, I will get back my love.

Anyhow, I am reloading myself to be active and regular on Hive as much as I can. Through posting, through Curation, or Through Community, Through Engagemeny. I will try to get back my space back same as I had earlier.

Stay Home.....Stay Safe

Namaste @steemflow

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We can only start from where we are right now. Can't change the past. I hope the personal situation was resolved.

Hive is really started to get some attention. It is always good to see someone who was active before return and commit to being so again on Hive.

Perhaps, if I can suggest, if you want a good interface to post through, is a good one. All posts relating to investing, business, finance, crypto, and money are applicable. A strong community forming plus will make you eligible to earn more LEO tokens that are traded on hive-engine.

It is a growing community so early adopters are likely to do well.

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Ohh i heard of leofinance rather I saw them on many hashtags...I thought it is related with financing topic....but for sure...will look into's a great suggestion

Starting and getting back of my old routine is bit challenging...but with all the support from everyone definatelly try to be on top of my posting and curation soon.....we definately make Hive a better place....

Sometimes abreak is much needed. I'd consider getting some DTube coins if I were you :D
Anyway, best wishes!

I already have few....making few post now and then from dtube...looking forward to be regular

Sounds good!

Welcome back, it's always good to start at any point of time.

Yes..understanding the new community and then rock n roll....