Having trouble removing delegations from dead accounts...

in hive •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hive wallet deli tool is totally unresponsive!

This place seems to be falling apart

We've never had all the functionality we had on Steem, BTW.


Rephrasing this...


Does anyone know what other tool I can use to change DELI?
steemworld.org was to Steem as _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is to Hive?

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There is hiveworld: - https://hiveworld.app/?account=underground
hivetask: https://hivetasks.com/@underground

I mostly just use peakd a few flashy node errors on hivetask today (at least on my viewing), hive world seems to be up and running fine.

Not sure if with all the changes if all of the parts work on those two.

I have not had any issues the last five days delegating/un-delegating through peakd

BA!!! Love Ya, Man!

I could not remember how to access
Hiveworld, I tried .com and .org LOL
HAve a LEO

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Glad I was able to help. We need a bad word to many, but centralized place people can find things, like applications, programs, and support.

Yes, the search function is BORKED! lol

Thanks Again!

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I see you've fixed the problem, but just for future reference, the PeakD wallet has the best interface for managing delegations imo:

My PeakD wallet showing delegations

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TY Forex, old Boy!

Does PeakD have a mobile version?
Does it handle LEO?

If not I prolly will not add an application to any of my devices.
I'd need both to really want that. But if it has both, I'd prolly
do it in a New York Minute!

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I just use peakd.com in my mobile browser and it works well.

It's a Hive front end, but you can manage all your Hive-Engine tokens including LEO if you need.

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You can do it from your wallet in peakd

PS: I don't even have peakD yet

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ok Sonny, tell me moar...
Just send ETH and LEO?
Do you know the ratios?

Sounds intriguing, if it is that easy. I have some ETH but it was bought thru exchanges and I didn't have to 'fuss' with gas at all, maybe. ETH is a great coin with a shitty UX

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