Some stock I own - McDonald's

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some weeks ago, I've started a new series with this post about the stocks I own.

I've buy into stocks that I understand the business model and the product and which I think will be here in 20-25 years.

One of the things I understand is hunger and what stills hunger the best? Food, of course. Which company sells the most food or better said fast food in the world? McDonald's, I would say.

So I've bought a couple of McDonald's shares in the past years which I hold on to. They pay a fair amount of dividends also. It is one company that adapts to the changes of the world and had starting the digitization process, long time ahead of the competition.

Also they start switching to some healthy food concepts, which shall attract the younger generation.

I think, they will dominate the fast food industry for the next generations. It grows every day and the numbers are good.

It is a share which shall be inherited by my kid.

Stocking up on this is a real way to generate passive income, as dividends are coming in.

I think it is still a buy, but be aware as I'm not a financial expert and present the stocks only under my personal view. It shall not be taken as advice.


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