Data Phones Are Creepy

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I remember the first time I saw a forward facing camera on a phone.

I was like.

What the actual fuck.

What possible reason would you need to have a camera on both sides of your phone?

So weird how selfies became a thing.

The demon Crowley did invent them, after all.


If I could access someone's data phone camera, I sure would be annoyed if the only access I had was one facing the surface it's resting on.

Turn that frown upside down.

Just put a camera on both sides, duh!

Ah no way! Nobody accesses your camera or microphone.
You're paranoid.

Sure is weird when I randomly lose battery power unexpectedly during periods of idle with no apps or downloads turned on.

We give apps ridiculous permissions and even those transparent permissions are a serious invasion of privacy.

Then the things that I say get turned into ads.

There's a totally reasonable explanation for that.

The other analytics are just so good that it knows that you wanted the thing before you even talked about it. Coincidence.


Yes, I see now. The tech Goliaths of the modern world have so much data that they don't need THAT data, because that would be bad form.

Need to find some tape to cover these "features" that I personally only use once in a blue moon. Full Zuckerberg.


But then how will you take a picture of it to post it on social media?


I don't know!?

5 fingers face slap rick james.jpg

Don't worry I'm still unlocking it with a fingerprint scanner.

Did I mention GPS?

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We give apps ridiculous permissions and even those transparent permissions are a serious invasion of privacy.

Have you read some of the user agreements? McAffee once read one that said that by agreeing to it you were giving the bank permission to turn on your microphone whenever the bank wanted without your knowledge or permission... why?!!!

I need to start covering my laptop's camera, ever since I started getting more into computers, programming and security I started getting more and more paranoid from some of the stuff people can do... There are torrent files out there with Tb worth of passwords, emails and bank codes.

I cover my front facing camera now on my phone. Don't have one on my computer, because it's a desktop and I don't wanna pay $100 for a shitty camera I'll barely ever use.
A few phones and laptops are now coming with hardware switches to turn the cameras off. But are they really hardware switches? Or are they actually just software switches?
Maybe the cameras should actually be little blocks that you take on and off. LEGO PHONE!

i switch my laptop cam off in software AND put a sticker over it, plus disable the microphone until needed. i have a dumb phone so no gps tracker or internet, and try to live life as much as possible as i did before, plus i also have the internet through a laptop. no smart tv, fridge, oven, toothbrush nor anything else. for 'smart' read 'spy.' peace.

oh, and i still use 'programs' - i don't know what an app is and would never agree to its terms and conditions that @teutonium mentioned - lunacy!

"Smart" devices are hilariously insecure.

One of the major advantages of a smart phone is that it's everything you would need in one device. If you want to be able to do stuff on the go, you kinda need a smart device. I think I'm gonna have to get a phone with a mic and camera switch, because the paranoia is real.

And my device does seem to go almost dead every night when it's supposed to be in sleep mode.

Maybe I need to get in the habit of turning on airplane mode at night too.

you mean like a camera or video camera? i have those. but i obviously only take them out if i think i'll need them. ah, inconvenience, the price of privacy.

do you use your smart phone as your alarm? can you use something else and leave your smart phone nowhere near you while you sleep? as it's a microwave device (though most people also have wi-fi, which also isn't good for health.)

Yeah, I don't do the whole app thing, and am considering replacing my soon to be obsolete old cell phone with a flip phone. Read an article the other day as well that said some of the Apple and Android phones were emitting higher radiation than allowed by law too.

My girlfriend also was a member of the store rewards program where we shop. She went online to do some game they were doing and was shocked when her account listed all of her purchases. They collect and sell everything now if they can.

and you've agreed to it, and pay $1000 or more for the privilege.

my phone cost £14 and the monthly is £6 unltd calls and texts.

dump your smartphone - leave the internet at home. people can still call and text you, or you know, speak to you in person.

it was three years ago when we first noticed things we'd only talked about in the living room were being advertised to us right away online. freaky at first, but it's a wake-up call.

no one needs the internet with them wherever they go. everyone knows they're being spied on and commoditised, but we're all addicted to information and interaction, as if we can't do the same with real people in real life.

i like being old and ugly enough that i get someone else to take a photo of me if i really need one for something. great writing, followed. peace.

Yep... creepy stuff. And if you read most tiny letters on the user agreements if probably gets creepier!

Replace google / deep state apps with