Human Right Restricted in Venezuela (11-23-2019)

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In June 2011, the UN issued a statement listing "Internet Access" as a Humanity right.

The United Nations will condemn countries that filter or block content on the Internet, as this would prevent individuals from exercising their right to express their opinions and express (and in many cases, dissent) by using the Internet as a tool that promotes social progress.

"Ensuring universal internet access must be a priority for everyone..." said UN rapporteur Frank La Rue in a public statement.

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You may already know NetBlocks. This is a civil association in charge of monitoring internet access activity in the world.

NetBlocks is a civil society group that works at the intersection of digital rights, cybersecurity and internet governance. Independent and nonpartisan, NetBlocks strives for an open and inclusive digital future for all.

Let's see this Tweet from the official Netblocks account dated 11-23-2019:


CANTV, "Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela" (Acronym in Spanish): As the name implies, this is the Venezuelan national agency responsible for managing all public telephone service, both residential and mobile landlines. ABA is the Internet access service provided by CANTV.

These service interruptions in Venezuela no longer surprise anyone. Sadly, Venezuelans have become accustomed to lacking access to the Internet in random periods, without prior notice.

To this we must add the interruptions in the Electric Energy service.

As we can see in the image, this time the interruption affected 6 states. This went on for more than 20 hours.

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Do these Internet service interruptions also occur in your country?

How would you feel and what actions would you take if you were a victim of these negligent acts?

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The people of Venezuela are disarmed, and kidnapped by a criminal regime, kidnapped by a gang of criminals, international community aid, AUXILIO please, greetings friends @crypto.piotr and @juanmolina!

Hugs dear friend!


I think that at this point it is not a secret that Venezuela has become an example of what not to do if you wish NOT TO DESTROY a country in this world. That is true in the aspects of economic policies and planning, but it is also true in terms of political negotiation and social coexistence.

In this sense, it is not uncommon for the dominant political caste to do things that harm the majority of the population, restrict their rights or cause various types of damages. In fact, things have already reached such a level that "Venezuela is the most serious case of democratic retreat of the last 40 years" {in spanish}

Source News in spanish.

It's indeed such a sad example @pedrobrito2004 :(

It is true.

It is something very sad without a doubt.


Dear @juanmolina

Question I have is: how much does UN have power in current age? Do world leaders care about UN? My impression is that not much. That UN golden days are long gone.

Yours, Piotr

I agree!
Especially when they include Venezuela as a member of the permanent commission of Human Rights, they disqualify themselves.

But in this case, what should be highlighted is that 193 states agreed that Internet Access is a "Right of Humanity."