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This is a review of the seven ways I have found to make money using the tools created by Steemleo, a Tribe on the Steem-Engine sidechain.


Number one: Post
You write posts about investing on the Steemleo website a front page similar to Steemit.
To post there go to and sign in with your Steemit name and posting password.

Number Two: Curation
You can read and curate posts on this same page and by upvoting you can earn Leo, this requires that you own some LEO, which you can earn from posting or buy on the Steem-Engine exchange. You can go there : LEO on
sting password.

Number Three: Tagging
If you prefer to use Busy, Steampeak, Partiko, eSteem or Steemify instead of the Steemleo interface to post your article about investing You can still earn Leo Tokens by adding the tag #Steemleo on the tag line.

Number Four: Mining.
You can mine LEO using a virtual miner LEOM or LEOMM. Buy miners on SteemEngine: LEO on
Stake them to activate the miners and now you’re eligible to earn block awards.

Number Five: Delegation.
I love passive income and this another source of income just from your Steem stake, you don’t have to buy Leo. You delegate SteemPower to the @leo.voter bid-bot and earn Steem.

Number six: video Blog.
If you can’t write, draw, paint or one of those skills, you can earn by talking about investing! You can video blog and upload your videos about investing on

Number Seven: Vote Buying.
This method is almost as old as Steemit. You can buy votes from @leo.voter Bidbot to increase your earnings on your posts.

I have found seven ways to make money using the tools created by Steemleo, a Tribe on the Steem-Engine side Chain. They include posting, curating, tagging, mining, delegation, video blogging and vote buying. I have used six of these seven methods and find posting, curating, delegation and tagging to be easy to do and profitable. The mining was profitable in the beginning before the miners were so popular. I haven’t tried video blogging yet, but it seems very easy to do.

✍🏼 written by Shortsegments.


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Hi there, can you share me the link of the introduction post of @leo.voter?

So many different tokens on Steem these days. I think I need extra time to see what they are all about!

I agree with you. There are over 60 new projects. I am staking most and selling a portion to invest just a few projects.

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Thank you, this is an honor and I appreciate it very much.

Thank for this great insight into ways to earn money on steemleo, I think I will focus on curating articles by upvoting valuable contents on the platform in other to earn

Your welcome. I think that is a good Strategy.

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