JAHM Token 30-Day Chart + BOUNTY

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JAHM Token 30-day price chart courtesy on @gerber’s gerbot, active in the ReggaeSteem Discord

JAHM Token is one of a handful of cryptocurrencies accepted by small business in Jamaica, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. 👨🏾‍🚀

I know this is a really short post, but I’d rather get feedback than drop my own opinions on our project and it’s recent market action. Technically, legally, at the moment its a no go— but nothing stops me from asking...

What’s your take on this? 🧐

Comment your TA or feedback for a JAHMin up-vote.

Plus, I believe I’m allowed to do a...

Quick JAHM Bounty! 🤗

POST a gerbot SCOT price comparison chart that includes JAHM in the comments and I’ll send you 100 JAHM!

Gerbot can be found in the @reggaesteem Discord bots channel here: https://discord.gg/UQNT9as. Type ^help for commands.

Bounty ends in 7-days with post payout.

PS: Just a reminder, JAHM Token PoS (Proof of Stake) begins Jan 2020 👀>🤯. For more info visit ReggaeSteem.com/jahm


We JAHM’in !

Jah Bless 🇯🇲 #OneLove #OneSteem

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This comparison is nice:

Pal is probably still the biggest and most widely used SCOT token. Steady downtrend for a while and JAHM has pushed upwards and overtaken it.

I'm no T.A. expert, but that JAHM chart @donald.porter looks like an uptrend to me. A bull market for JAHM during the endless crypto bear market. And for @shanibeer, the candles show the opening and closing prices, as well as high and low each day. The top and bottom of the lines are highest and lowest trades, the blocked parts are start and finish trades each period (in this case day). Green means is closed higher than it opened, red means the opposite.

I will add a small cautionary note, a lot of the climb has resulted from 2 or 3 people buying and accumulating big time, plus the start of seeing others jump on the bandwagon. If the buying dries up, the price could reverse. Do your own research. With these projects, FOMO can end up expensive, keep your persective and research away.

Having said all that...


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Really didn’t expect a JAHM:PAL comparison, however to their credit; price isn’t everything and our tokens have to account for tokenized vacations etc

Indeed, one must be careful with any crypto project and nothing goes straight up. We need a few more people who plan on traveling or raising their influence on ReggaeSteem, like you said the price can turn around if/when demand dwindles or we get a traditional correction.

Blessings bro, sending over the bounty!

Cheers !BEER

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What I'd really love to see is some stats on website traffic. Alexa, or google analytics or something. Do you or the team have any access to that sort of data? It feels much busier lately, is that translating into more views and website activity?

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Yeah, all project updates feature traffic data— the first Steem tribe to make an effort of getting that done and out. Latest report has been delayed, much has changed. However here are links to the previous three:




Rushing out the next update, however we’ll see a true boost in traffic once paid ads go live.

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Sweet, don't rush it, I know you guys have heaps on your plate. I have only been here a few weeks after all.

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Definitely chats about analytics have summoned. Not going to answer for DP - Want to make sure no information is disclosed which otherwise shouldn’t have been. Good commentary as always from JK

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Me too, I'd also like to see some standardised regular reporting, including volume. Monthly would be fine.

I know you love stats and charts. Could be a good role for a stats person from around steem to produce a weekly stats post. I think they would earn a nice JAHM vote each week. @abh12345 comes to mind but I'm sure someone out there could fill the role of "unofficial JAHM statistician" (or maybe even official if the founders agree).

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I just think that good reporting supports and encourages investment.
If any of us are talking to people outside, as I am, often, it would be great to have the charts there so that people could see for themselves.
And I do love a good chart 😎

We’ve only missed one monthly report, I take responsibility for those but much has changed and the next report is more than a copy paste into the previous template. Pls see the links in my reply above.

Next report coming soon.

Thank you 😊 Look forward to it - so much to keep up with!

Okay, let me see if I've understood - on the day with the biggest variance:
Trading started somewhere just over .03 and finished somewhere just under .05, but during the trading period transactions ranged between less than .03 and almost .09? Fierce 😜

Spot on.

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Hey @jk6276.jahm, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I want to see nice slow steady growth - the occasional spike is okay, but much rather see organic growth from people steadily investing. Much more stable, much more long-term confidence.

@donald.porter, In my opinion this is Super effective and prodoctive, some days back i saw that JAHM Price touched 0.08 which tells the whole story and definitely in my opinion it's best performing Tribe till now without any hype, all due to practical efforts and birth of use cases.

Kindly find the below compare chart for your reference.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed brother.

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Thanks @chireerocks, we are trying our best 😀

Blessings bro, sending the bounty over in a few mins!

Cheers !BEER

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Welcome brother and all your efforts are really appreciable. Stay blessed.

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Hey @chireerocks, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

the real world applications for jahm that we see already are exciting 🚀🚀i believe that is why it will keep going up

... to the moon, errrrm— Jamaica 👨🏾‍🚀 lol cheers


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Hey @doitvoluntarily, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Two words Mr. P.
‘I’m buying’

I’d like to know the buyer
who triggered candle
jumping to six. That person
must have an awful amount of confidence in the #jahm token.
Respect s-irie

🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 nice, yeah the .06 wall is to cover tokenized vacations (JSNS) and a fair value based on hotel accommodation costs and a few more variables.... but that ~.09 wick is a shocker 👀



On the up and up 📈
Expect this out of such a use case utility token

Excited to see what the future has in store 🙏🏼💪🏻😎💯

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We JAHM’in! 🙌🏽

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Yea mon, always !!

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I see a strong resistance at 0.06, or maybe my super-advanced TA skills belong in the litter box.

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Could someone explain to me what the candles mean :)

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Hey Shani, I put a little explanation in my reply to the post. Hope the neck is healing well.

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Lol, let’s pray that wasn’t a mistake and I don’t get downvoted b4 using them all up 🤔

Very nice and meaningful post.

Yezzir, you should try the bounty... oh, welcome to ReggaeSteem btw 🙂

Cheers !BEER

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Hey @mistimaan, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

excellent explanation God bless this project ..

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