How to Earn Money With Ecency

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How to Earn Money With Ecency

What is Ecency

Let me tell you first about #Ecency, and when I will tell you how to earn money with @Ecency. Ecency is a blockchain-based social network platform, which is powered by HIVE. The platform was launched in 2016 and supported Steemit, and before the Steemit fork, the platform had another name – Esteem.

Besides the website version, Ecency application can be installed both on a computer and on a mobile phone.** Also, it is available in different languages.

Another handy feature is the ability to save drafts or schedule a post. So, for example, you can write a couple of posts and don’t public them immediately, but schedule them to be published later when you want.

How to Earn Money With Ecency

How to join Ecency

If you already have a HIVE account, then you can just log in to the platform by using your Hive Username and Posting Key. If you don’t have a Hive account yet, then complete an easy registration and start earning money with Ecency and Hive.

What is ESTM

How to Earn Money With Ecency

First of all, let’s make it clear that Ecency has its own points or tokens, which are called ESTM. You can earn them by completing different tasks:

  • Publish a post (max. 15 points)
  • Comment (max. 5 points)
  • Vote for publications, i.e. upvote (max. 1 point)
  • Stay online (0.25 points for every 15 minutes and + 10 bonus points per day)
  • Participate in contests
  • Refer (100 points when your referral earn 250 points)

Why are ESTMs needed?

You can spend your ESTM points to promote your article or to buy an upvote, i.e. boosting from the Ecency team. A minimum amount of ESTM to boost the post is 150 points. And depending on the points spent, the strength of the upvote will different. More points you spend, the more money you earn with Ecency!

Ecency hive based social network

In one word, Ecency helps you to earn more on your blog in HIVE blockchain.

Join Ecency Community Discord Channel, if you need any help or assistance. Also, you can promote your posts among Ecency community on Discord.

It is easy to start to earn money with Ecency. And it is also a very joyful process.

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Great post, thank you for overview. ESTM is now called Points by the way. Check out our website, desktop app and mobile app to earn Points and double your rewards.

Thank you for the comment. Yeah, its seems many updates were done since I wrote that article. I think I need to add some updates to it 😊

Or create new one with different details or improvements 😉 Either way, thank you! We shared your post into our twitter as well!

Thanks a lot! I am happy to be a part of Ecency! And hope more people will join that community!

I love Ecency. I use it on my iPad and can create posts on the move, wherever I am! Thank you so much.

Ecency is the best and I am busy stackin POINTS!

Im back making content after a two month vacation and ecency is the best mobile client for hive i have found, really dont know what else to ask, probably templates for post as in peakd, been awesome so far

I am using Ecency just for a couple of months, but I was impressed by it's non-stop updating and development.

Nice :)

When will there finally be the schedule function on the desctop app again? Am waiting since the last release, was so happy about it in the version before 2.6., at the moment a little bit frustrated with the app, as without it for a publisher it is not really comfortable at all....

Very cool post 😋👌👌👌 I was like to read it.

Thanks a lot!

Ecency works fine.

yeah! I love it!

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Ecency is the best hive blockchain dapp.

For sure!

Very nice post and I am earning well

Awesome! Thank you for the comment!

No doubt, Ecency is the most helpful dapps in hive blockchain that respect users activity. And have lot of great features especially promoting content.

Yes, I am happy that I started learning about Hive from Ecency!

Great info here

Thank you for the comment!

I knew all of this already.

It's great!

It's too fantastically amazing.

Thanks for the short and sweet breakdown. I'm new to Ecency so was curious as to what the points were. Are they only used for boosts/can they be converted into any other cryptocurrencies or not?

They can be used for promoting content, boosting content, tipping other users. We are soon introducing ECEN token that can be traded with other cryptocurrencies and those points will be equivalent to ECEN.