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This is my first post on I still have to power down my Pal.

I mentioned Yesterday that it looked like Leo had some strength to it. Today I saw that strength and I guess you could say I put the Squeeze on. lol

I think there is still some seller obliteration left for me to do. :) lol

LEO image source

Friday 9-13

1,178.829SP/1801 VP
1189 Steem
59 = 394 LEO
15 = 132 PAL
1,263 = $199.29

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SteemLeo is a kick ass platform. I am loving it here.

I was wondering what caused the push up in price...I guess we now know. 😁

Hopefully you are sucking up some of the liquid LEO making it even scarcer.

Thank you and thank you for the big upvote.

I saw strength yesterday and I saw a lack of sellers today so I pounced! Like a lion. lol

Yeah I might be doing "some" hoarding. Hopefully I can power up some soon.

I think tomorrow might be even more fun. lol

That was an awesome pump ;)

Though you have ruined my buy orders for few days, I can live with that. I was planning to buy my way to the top, your actions have delayed it but I have enjoyed as much as I can. Welcome to LEO community from a LEO whale ;)

Yeah people are screwed on the buy side. Especially now since I am out of the other tokens and can watch it like a hawk. lol

I think people even gave up outbidding me. lol

Feel free to put up some bids now though!!!

I am almost completely out of ammo for tonight.

There's usually some selling at night. You should put in some bids but below 14 so I can get my LEO back. lol

Well, you certainly know how to make an entrance 🦁

Welcome to the family!

I guess so. lol

Thank you! :) Glad to be hear. It's nice to move forwards and not practically nowhere fast on Steemit and Pal. lol

the lion king roar GIF by Walt Disney Studios

Well done on the move, and welcome to Steemleo. Talk about arriving in style!

Thank You! :)

the lion king roar GIF by Walt Disney Studios