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Hello everyone the last time we spoke i had just started growing my dcity and since then i have made a little bit more income. I added some more workers and took sold some other cards to stack up for a police station which eco recommended to me. I haven't gotten my payout from my last post to make anymore improvements yet but once i do more post will come. I always love tips so if anyone has any tips on growing my city let me know. Here are the results of my city today.
new city.PNG

Little less people than last time but way more income which helps each day. I have gotten a few more workers to help with things but i got my eye on the casino. I want to get one to see how it works and runs but apparently there is a high chance of it getting robbed so I'm not sure I'll purchase it yet. Once I have more profits I think I will. Is there anything on my map you think I should get rid of? More posts will be up some once i have more time to talk about it. I hope you all enjoyed the small improvements i made this week. As well as updating my city i have been earning more tokens to power up with.

Thanks for all the support

See you next time

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around dcity... Is it still worth it to start as a newbie?

Right on dude, glad you back in dCity! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll probably not be able to answer them 😂🤣😉

Alright thanks I will ask for your advice first always 🤣🤣🤣

Perfect! 👌🤪😂