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Trade & Manage Tokens on the Steem Blockchain


https://dex.steemleo.com is an exchange interface for Steem-Engine tokens on the Steem blockchain. You can trade and manage Steem-based tokens and also access various other LeoServices that are available through the interface.

Key features of the LeoDex Include:

  1. Advanced Market Page With Candlestick Charts for SE Tokens
  2. LeoServices Page For Steem Entrepreneurs/Communities
  3. Instant Token Swaps
  4. Rewards Page
  5. Open Orders Page to View All Pending Market Orders
  6. and more!

To learn more about how LeoDex works, please follow the table of contents below.

Table of Contents:

Key Features of LeoDex

Key Features of LeoDex:

Candlestick Charts


One of the most requested features when we launched the LeoDex interface was to include Candlestick charts for Steem-Engine tokens. Before our integration of candlesticks in the V3 update, the only way to see candlestick charts was to view it through a discord bot command or through data that was pulled via SQL into a spreadsheet. Now you can simply go to any token on the LeoDex and view the past 30 days of price history in just a few seconds.

Token Search


Another highly requested feature that we included in the V3 update is the ability to search by token symbol directly on the market page. With this update, we also made every token available to trade on the LeoDex. Listed tokens get additional benefits including co-op burns and prioirty buttons from the wallet page, etc.



Under the L.A.B.S. (Leo Accelerator for Businesses on Steem) branch of SteemLeo, we offer different services for businesses, entrepreneurs and communities on the Steem blockchain. We are continually expanding the services offered and are always looking for more ways to provide valuable tools for anyone who is actively trying to build their business on Steem.

As of the time of this writing (2/19/20) we offer Token Airdrops, Proof of Delegation, Proof of Holding and Proof of Stake through the LeoServices page. With the pending release of SMTs and our planned scope of work on LeoServices, we expect to see the portfolio of services offered on this page to grow to a few dozen by the end of 2020.



Token Swaps are a new feature that we are currently testing with the DEC token. It's a means to instaneously swapping STEEM for DEC, STEEMP for DEC or DEC for STEEM. Our software can currently handle any Steem-Engine token swap, but we are looking to the possibilities of offering instaneous swaps for cryptocurrencies that are off-chain (i.e. ETH, BTC, etc.).

As we make our way through 2020, our roadmap goal is to have several more additions to this page, especially for tokens/cryptos that are off-chain.