I picked up some Premium Silver - Toxic Bullion Patriot Skull - 2.9 OZT

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I love Toxic Bullion! 2.9 OTZ Pour #2

20200717_170656  Edited.jpg

When I decided to pick up some more silver, I decided to go a different route. I have for a while always bought at the lowest price I could, but Man, just take a look at that pour! This thing is quality, start to finish. Great design, and I LOVE some Antique finish on silver. It really makes the details stand out and pull you in. These designs are really made to be antiqued in my mind, and Toxic does it right!!!

Lets take a few more looks at this Chunky Piece!

20200717_171010  Edited.jpg

  • I don't know about you, but man does that just look good. The black really pulls out the right details and give it more charater.

20200717_170856  Edited.jpg

  • Its looking great, and feels even better in hand. It's a good size, chunky, and looks great. I am so happy I got some silver that I love. While stacking at low premiums is always a solid plan, I have a feeling I will be buying a decent amount of Toxic the rest of 2020 and beyond. It is just too good not to own!


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bad ass way to collect silver. You could buy land in my country for two families with that amount of silver

Thanks @konda - Crazy to think I could land for a few ounces of silver!

Ray is absolutely crushing it! The pours are just awesome.

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I agree- Ray is a BEAST- will be getting a lot of my money!

Do you trade him for generic? That's all I've done so far.

Nah - just trading that dirty fiat in.

Very nice pick-up my friend @senstless! A great addition to your stack! Stack on!!!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙.

Thanks @silversaver888, it has been too long since I shared some silver!

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Nice, I've seen a Canadian Version somewhere, prob Beaver Bullion, but my country and govt. just doesn't inspire the same sense of patriotism you have, far from it.

But I think your Gov't designed coins actually look good. More than I can say for most of my stuff.

About time. But guess who’s got #1? 😃