SPI token price up 62% from start of year 2 - Here's why it's still cheap to buy

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of social blockchains. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. This lets SPinvest offer an ROI of 20% per year on SPI tokens. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the hive-engine


Today we are going to have a look at the SPI token price, the real value of each SPI token, not whatever price tokens are being traded for on hive-engine.

I would like to show some evidence that SPinvest can deliver what it advertises and in many cases, better than it advertises. SPinvest is a long term growth fund with the core plan of increasing its HIVE token value by 20% per year. We payout a small weekly dividend to keep things interesting but the main focus is always on token value growth. We are currently on week 19 of year 2 and everything is going as planned. If you check the blog pots, you will see a weekly earning and holdings report posted every Saturday to include HIVE earnings for that week along with a list of assets being held by SPinvest with up to date prices.

In a HIVE world were not always the best projects get enough support are exposure, i think SPinvst is doing ok. People will always instinctively follow whales into whatever projects they launch thinking that's where the money is but nobody does something for nothing, right? SPinvest is no different, we post, lease, curate, stakes and game for profits, the big difference is there is no whale behind SPinvest and token holders are the owners of the project. Yeah, that's right!! If you own any SPI tokens, you own a part of SPinvest, all it's sub-accounts, off-platform investments and subsidiary projects. There is no other project like it on the HIVE blockchain, 2 other projects have been launched on SPinvest's model but never picked up any pace due to the fact the project heads take a 20% slice of token sales on both projects. Set up to fail, you don't go to McDonald's to get pizza and you don't make investments that cost you 20% of your investment. Unless you're a FOMO donkey :)

Anyways before I start to turn into a bitch and rip on other projects, Let us have a look at why SPI tokens are so undervalued and how we deliver consistently increasing returns. There is no boat to be missed with SPI tokens as the price will always increase over time. The market cap of SPI is not what people are willing to pay for it, the market cap is what's it worth in actual sellable assets. if SPinvest was to set down and wrap up for whatever reason, each token from the first to the last would be bought back for the tokens true value. There would be no rush to the exchange to dump your tokens asap before the price crashes, every token is worth the same because they are backed by actual assets, not hype.

First off, we can see the SPI token price has been doing ok from the start of year 2. Starting off the year with a HIVE price per token of 1.40 HIVE. This was back when the HIVE was valued at around 40-50 cents. Fast forward to today where the price of each token is 2.25 HIVE with a 5 day avg price of 2.28 HIVE. Look at the chart, have you ever seen a crypto token perform like this over an 18-week span? It's not normal but SPinvest is not normal, slow and steady doesn't look so boring when you see it over 18 weeks and see the price has increased by 62%. I guess we can lose 40% and still hit our yearly target but gaining another 40% to bring us a 100% token price increase sounds like a challenge and with 34 weeks left in the year, it's doable.

Consistent earnings

When I say consistent, I really mean consistently increasing. Sounds like another BS sales line but I have nothing to sell as all tokens are issued and the chart below keep me honest. It is not as pretty as the price chart but its trajectory is headed in the same direction.


Total Fund value

The total fund is valued in HIVE. Our current holding includes off-platform investments (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc), HIVE investments (HP, DCity, rising star, etc) and HE investments (Bro, LEO, etc). Again, another pretty chart. This chart basically follows the SPI token price as the total fund value is SPI token value multiplied by 100k. The only difference is these are weekly candles whereas the price chart show daily candles. Very nice


I don't wanna tut my own horn but have a look at just how balanced our portfolio is. I swear to god, these charts are not played with at all. Go back and check the weekly Saturday report posts.

If you still think SPI tokens are worth 2.25 HIVE, your mad!!! I see all these shit tokens are HE that has no utility are backing value selling for silly prices just because of who launched the token. SPinvest has done everything it said it would from day 1 and any changes were voted in by token holders. I think that SPI tokens should be selling for over 3 HIVE on the hive-engine exchange based on the simple fact of having a proven to date model of guaranteed consistent income and token price growth. When you buy BTC at $10K, your buying with the hope the price will increase. With SPI tokens, you know the price will increase as earning are reinvested so you can almost always buy them at any time knowing the price will increase the longer you hold them. Of course, not anything is 100% but 16 months in and the model has not let us down yet. If anything, earnings and growth are speeding up. We can see from the current sell orders on the HE exchange, not a lot of people are looking to sell, so there must be no demand for the token because I think these are bargain prices. If nobody snaps them up soon, SPinvest will buy them back, we can't turn down value like that.
This is around 700 SPI up for sale out of the 100k issued. Not many for looking to sell but not many are looking to buy either, maybe we issued the prefect amount of tokens, lol.

Lastly - Cashing out!!

This is another thing SPinvest does that no other project will do. We will buy back our own token. When I set up SPinvest, I understood that in order to make a profit, you need to cash out and the quicker and more pain-free it is, the better it is for the investor. Your options for most HE tokens is to put up a sell wall (slow) and have others undercut your sell price are selling your tokens off for less than they are worth just to sell them (quick). What's the point in having $2k worth of a token when you can't really cant $2k for it?

Let me tell you how SPinvest does cashouts

When we first launched, we had a big investor that goes by @underground. He bought most of his 14,000 tokens for 1 STEEM back when STEEM was around 12-16 cents and had decided to take his profits to move into other things off-chain. He sold around 2500 into the exchange for an inflated price and sold the remaining 11,500 directly to SPinvest. Each token at the time was worth around 43 cents. After @underground sent his SPI tokens back to SPinvest and provided a tether address he received around $4950 in tether. The whole thing took a few hours but could be done in 20 minutes if im online.

Still not interested in SPinvest are SPI tokens?
You will be because we're still only getting started. SPinvest has plans for years.

  • Year 1 - 100% token price growth! (investment token)
  • Year 2 - Investment token and income token with the introduction of weekly dividends
  • Year 3 - Investment, income and Utility token

FYI - SPI tokens are also SPinvests governance token

Still worth only 2.25 HIVE??

Convince me otherwise :)

SPinvest's content is contributed by @silverstackeruk, @underground, @no-advice, @metzli & @taskmaster4450

Today's post comes to you from @silverstackeruk

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I'm feeling that FOMO for not buying more...

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They are priced cheap on the exchange right now. It's hard to stick to one investment are even hit goals when there are so many other tokens around. lol

TLDR: SPI Numbers go up. 😀

Great post mate, the long term value of SPI is undeniable.

I may be flipping a few to chase a short term play, but most of my stash will be hodled forever.

Thanks man,

We'll be swapping from HIVE to SPI dividends in a week are so, so your stack will grow again :)

62% not even half way through the year? And I thought last year's 80% gain was sensational. It will be dwarfed with a good 2/3 of the rest of year 2.

The value will keep going as crypto gets larger. On chain investments in the likes of BRO could pay off very nice coupled with the consistent leasing. Off chain, if something like BTC follows the stock to flow model, the value of a SPI will skyrocket.

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Man if BTC goes to $100k, we'll open an office and we can all blog wearing suits :)

The next 18 months for us are gonna be exciting

Yeah well no thanks to the office and suits. Been there done that and it is nothing but a pain in the ass.

A laptop, solar panel, and beach will work for me. Sit by the ocean all day working online...that is the way to go.

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