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Cryptocurrency: Utility Is The Most Important Thing

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For more than three years, I've been floating the idea that someone needs to create a peer-to-peer ecommerce front end here, in the style of eBay/Etsy/Craigslist in their earliest incarnations, before they "went corporate."

I couldn't agree more @denmarkguy. We do need to create marketplaces where people can acquire goods and services they require in exchange for crypto. I, too, have been beating this drum for a while.

Leoshop is a start and needs to be expanded from there.

There are millions of ways this can go and, frankly, there needs to be thousands of shops all catering to the different currencies out there. Of course, we are not concerned with all.

But imagine if every tribe, as an example, had a shop with pertinent products for that tribe AND took their currency as payment.

Now multiple they out a thousand times.

Then I think we would have a different image outside the cryptosphere.

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