Gourmet Dinner for Essential Pharmacists!

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Town Crier Marketing is on a roll with our community volunteer effort and oh boy is it gratifying. Here is our latest hit as we deliver gourmet meals for a local team of hard working essential pharmacists.

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It is enlightening to pause and reflect upon each of the essential threads that do their large part in holding our community fabric together. From the hospital workers to the EMS Paramedics. Restaurants to technology companies. Large organizations down to each individual that plays their unique role in our neighbourhoods.

We have been thinking of all of the hard workers at the local pharmacy. Reminiscent of our visit with Coventry Animal Hospital https://coventryvets.ca/, we came to learn that pharmacists are challenged due to similar challenges with modified business delivery models, and extended hours necessary to provide their care and services to a society in need.

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There has been an admirable local rally behind all of the front line workers doing their part to help us through these trying times. We like to take it 1 step further so that each team of valiant warriors are individually recognized and know that their unique efforts are independently valued.

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Revival House to the Rescue!


This was one of the simplest and most special deliveries to date thanks to restaurant owner, chef, and chief bottle washer Rob Wigan and his team. He arranged the meal and entire delivery himself and insisted that it was a donation solely on behalf of Revival House. Keep in mind that, like all of the other restaurants in town, RH has had to close its dining room/terrace completely to patrons, is seriously flexing to cover bills, and is doing everything it can to stay in business. Regardless, there is no point in existing unless the team can deflect some of the community support back to our fellow front line champions.

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There were 11 workers over a couple shifts holding down the fort at Sinclair Pharmacy https://sinclairpharmacy.ca/ which has been a mainstay here for the past 60 years. Extended hours, reduced staff, and heightened stress didn't even register on the smiling faces as we were able to deliver a little dinner-time treat.

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Not only do they care for the health of the extended Stratford neighbourhoord, their photography game is on fleek as well! Freshly made turkey pot pies, healthy and colourful salads, and great smelling veggie lasagna portions were augmented by a batch of hot-off-the-press cookies. They stepped it up that extra little bit by demonstrating their selfie-stick prowess in a thank you message for Rob and the team.

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Seriously look at this group of local heroes. Rob, the entire team at Revival House, and the community rallying around eachother LOVE Sinclair Pharmacy and all of the other front line workers doing more than their part. Not only do you care for our health, you are doing it with a determined smile and inspiring us with your leadership.

We hope the meal was as delicious as it made the delivery vehicle smell!

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As an organization, @town-crier https://www.towncriermarketing.ca has pivoted and focused all attention upon working with the community during the pandemic. Healthcare systems are stressed, businesses are in a state of flux, and restaurants are fighting for their existence. Mobilizing along with these leaders and solution seekers has been a fantastic gift in an era of uncertainty.

We will do our small part in supporting each other, help the businesses flex and stay engaged, and join with the leaders who will be remembered when things get back to the new normal. There are many projects in the works and we can't wait to tell you about them.

Thank you pharmacy workers! When things get back to a new normal, we will remember all of you who stepped up and lead us through this.

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STAY TUNED for more community leadership spotlights and crisis victories!

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It is difficult to put into words how fulfilling it is to play a small part in supporting community heroes. All we can do is be thankful for being involved and hope it inspires you to get active in your community when it needs you the most.

Sincerely, contact us at [email protected], https://towncriermarketing.ca or at https://www.facebook.com/towncriermarketingcanada/ if we can help you do something like this for your community. Our pleasure.

Thank you for your business support, following our story and sharing in those we tell of our clients. Feel free to create a blog for your business https://signup.hive.io/ and ask us how to leverage it towards success.

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