How Do I Use Crypto?

This is my entry for the #leowritingcontest.

  1. I have a small-ish hodl portfolio that at this point has BTC, ETH, and EOS. That just sits there and occasionally rebalance.

  2. I have my STEEM stake of just under 100k right now. It votes, claims rewards, and does that old thing.

  3. I have my tribe tokens like LEO, SPT, and POINT. Those vote in their communities and earn rewards.

  4. I have my crypto gaming assets like my splinterlands cards and nextcolony ships and planets. I have way more in splinterlands than I do in anything else at this point.

  5. I have bought stuff with crypto. I paid a freelancer to make me a logo for my new tax preparation business. I've bought raw natural honey through homesteaderscoop.

  6. I do accept crypto for tax consulting and such. I hear there's a LEO marketplace coming soon?

In general, I try to use crypto as much as possible. A lot of crypto nerds are pretty young. One of the things I have discovered as I have gotten older is that the years pass. And they pass before you know it. So long term planning is essential. When we look back in 30 years after crypto has become the standard form of money, we will be kicking ourselves for not stacking more.

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@nealmcspadden so true. There is no appreciation of time among people. We are taught to be in a hurry and that things that's not gained quickly aint worth the trouble.

Have you Taken a loan on DeFi yet? That sounds very interesting!

Haven't needed a loan for anything. I did do a lease on for some SP to try it out.

I haven't tried it out myself but the concept sound good. Who needs a bank!?